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NameStyleDate Crag name
Merry XmasLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
The Stone DogLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
Face RouteLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
Devil SticksLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
Wall of AttritionLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
The PheonixLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
The ComediansLead O/S08/Dec/14White Mountain
Cave ManLead O/S06/Dec/14White Mountain
Yangshuo HotelLead RP06/Dec/14White Mountain
Starship EnterpriseLead O/S05/Dec/14Space Buttress
First ContactLead RP05/Dec/14Space Buttress
Close EncountersLead O/S05/Dec/14Space Buttress
Man or AstromanLead O/S05/Dec/14Space Buttress
Angry BirdLead RP04/Dec/14Dragon City
Beautiful DayLead O/S01/Dec/14Banyan Tree
Name? Number 4Lead O/S01/Dec/14Banyan Tree
Right cave route 2Lead O/S29/Nov/14Treasure Cave
Right cave route 7Lead O/S29/Nov/14Treasure Cave
Right cave route 8Lead O/S29/Nov/14Treasure Cave
Right cave route 9Lead O/S29/Nov/14Treasure Cave
Right cave route 12Lead RP29/Nov/14Treasure Cave
Fashion DragonLead O/S28/Nov/14Dragon City
DreadlockLead O/S28/Nov/14Dragon City
Long Cheng Sui YueLead O/S28/Nov/14Dragon City
Ma JieLead O/S26/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
SingularityLead RP26/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Over The MoonLead O/S25/Nov/14Moon Hill
Luna Nascente (pitch1)Lead O/S25/Nov/14Moon Hill
The Dark Side of The Moon (pitch1)Lead O/S25/Nov/14Moon Hill
ArtemisLead O/S25/Nov/14Moon Hill
Yorkshire PuddingLead O/S15/Nov/14Chulilla
El RamallitoLead O/S15/Nov/14Chulilla
CantalobosLead O/S15/Nov/14Chulilla
Los FrancesesLead RP15/Nov/14Chulilla
Cap i Cua (P2)Lead dnf13/Nov/14Chulilla
Animaculos de la placaLead dog13/Nov/14Chulilla
Cap I Cua (P1)Lead dog13/Nov/14Chulilla
Sendero sinuosoLead O/S13/Nov/14Chulilla
Camino de LecheLead rpt13/Nov/14Chulilla
Super furry animalLead O/S12/Nov/14Chulilla
Pim Pam Pons (L1)Lead O/S12/Nov/14Chulilla
Richer lineLead O/S12/Nov/14Chulilla
Sendero luminoso L1Lead O/S12/Nov/14Chulilla
Pim Pam Pons (L2)Lead dnf12/Nov/14Chulilla
Camino de LecheLead rpt12/Nov/14Chulilla
Los merenderasLead O/S12/Nov/14Chulilla
Indiganda (L1)Lead O/S10/Nov/14Chulilla
El gran dinosaurio blanco (L2 righthand)Lead RP10/Nov/14Chulilla
El gran dinosaurio blanco (L1)Lead RP10/Nov/14Chulilla
Entre dos caminosLead RP09/Nov/14Chulilla
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