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Logbook for Mike Owen

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Marci Marc7c+ ***Lead RPElaine Owen24/Sep/14Odyssey
Calcite star plus7b+ **Lead RPElaine Owen22/Sep/14Galatiani
Gegoune7c+ ***Lead RPElaine Owen22/Sep/14Galatiani
Super Lolita8a ***Lead RPElaine Owen21/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Marci Marc7c+ ***Lead dogElaine Owen19/Sep/14Odyssey
Argo Navis6a **Lead βElaine Owen19/Sep/14Odyssey
Eurycleia5a *Lead βElaine Owen19/Sep/14Odyssey
Mort Aux Chevres7b ***Lead rptElaine Owen17/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Armata Sikati7b+ Lead O/SElaine Owen17/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Laurent ... y' a quelque' un7c+ ***Lead RPElaine Owen17/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Super Lolita8a ***Lead dogElaine Owen14/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Mort Aux Chevres7b ***Lead rptElaine Owen14/Sep/14Sikati Cave
K447a **Lead O/SElaine Owen12/Sep/14Galatiani
Feurdon7a **Lead O/SElaine Owen12/Sep/14Galatiani
Calcite star7a+ **Lead O/SElaine Owen12/Sep/14Galatiani
Calcite star plus7b+ **Lead dogElaine Owen12/Sep/14Galatiani
Thetis6b ***Lead O/SElaine Owen11/Sep/14Arhi
Kastor7a ***Lead RPElaine Owen11/Sep/14Arhi
Mort Aux Chevres7b ***Lead O/SElaine Owen09/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Lolita7a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen09/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Morgan7b+ ***Lead O/SElaine Owen09/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Adam8a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen09/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Super Lolita8a ***Lead dnfElaine Owen09/Sep/14Sikati Cave
Totenhansel7a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen08/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Remember Wadi Rum6c ***Lead O/SElaine Owen08/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Dafni7a **Lead O/SElaine Owen08/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Thimari7a+ **Lead O/SElaine Owen08/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Axium6c+ ***Lead O/SElaine Owen08/Sep/14The Ghost Kitchen
Ballos7a+ **Lead O/SElaine Owen06/Sep/14Secret Garden
Crisis7a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen06/Sep/14Secret Garden
Route 697b+ Lead RPElaine Owen06/Sep/14Secret Garden
Pomponpidoux7b ***Lead O/SElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Melodrama6c+ ***Lead O/SElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Frapogalo6c ***Lead O/SElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Ikariotikos7b **Lead O/SElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Ricounet7a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Bourre Mais Pas Pleine7b+ ***Lead RPElaine Owen05/Sep/14Secret Garden
Feta6c **Lead O/SElaine Owen03/Sep/14Odyssey
Morfeas6b *Lead O/SElaine Owen03/Sep/14Odyssey
Calipso7a **Lead O/SElaine Owen03/Sep/14Odyssey
Dionysos7a ***Lead O/SElaine Owen03/Sep/14Odyssey
Marci Marc7c+ ***Lead dogElaine Owen03/Sep/14Odyssey
Rumenes power y al vino7a+ ***Lead rptElaine Owen13/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Cinderella Man7c ***Lead RPElaine Owen13/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Rumenes power y al vino7a+ ***Lead rptElaine Owen11/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Panico nuclear7c ***Lead RPElaine Owen11/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Sindrome de Stendhal P17c+ ***Lead RPElaine Owen10/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Sindrome de Stendhal P1 + p28a ***Lead RPElaine Owen10/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Invocando de Onan7a ***Lead rptElaine Owen10/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
Sierra de cazorla7b+ ***Lead O/SElaine Owen04/Aug/14Rumenes Chorreras
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