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Logbook for Martin Krasnansky

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Mr. Natural7b+ **Lead RP 20/Jun/10Wallsend South
Smashing Orange7a **Lead O/S 20/Jun/10Coastguard South
Hornier than Thou7b+ **Solo O/S 19/Jun/10Lulworth
Stagedivin'7a+ *Solo RP 19/Jun/10Lulworth
Wax Museum7b+ ***Lead RP 19/Jun/10Coastguard North
Dr. Phibes7b **Lead O/S 13/Jun/10Coastguard North
Freeborn ManE4 6a ***Solo β 12/Jun/10Fishermans Ledge
JelliedE3 5c *Solo β 12/Jun/10Fishermans Ledge
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***Solo β 11/Jun/10Lulworth
Animal Magnetism7b **Solo β 11/Jun/10Lulworth
Crazy NotionE5 6b *Solo β 11/Jun/10Lulworth
Injury Encyclopaedia7b *Lead RP 06/Jun/10Wallsend South
Quick as Rainbows7a+ ***Lead RP 03/Jun/10Coastguard South
Spare Rib7b **Lead RP 02/Jun/10Coastguard North
Brooklyn Bimbo7b+ **Lead RP 19/May/10Coastguard South
Wavewatch7b *Lead O/S 19/May/10Coastguard South
L'Esprit du Vent7a+ **Lead RP 19/May/10Coastguard South
Tunnel Vision7b+ *Lead RP 19/May/10Wallsend South
Winning at Rodeo7a ***Lead O/S 18/May/10Coastguard South
Dead by Sunset7b *Lead O/S 18/May/10Coastguard South
Time Bomb7a **Lead O/S 18/May/10Coastguard South
Under Crimson Skies7a+ *Lead O/S 15/May/10Wallsend North
More Than a Legend7b+ *Lead RP 15/May/10Wallsend North
Tickled Pink7c *Lead RP 04/May/10White Hole
Red Raw7a+ Lead O/S 04/May/10White Hole
Skyscraper7a *Lead O/S 04/May/10Coastguard South
Million Watt Marshalls7b **Lead RP 26/Apr/10Wallsend South
Some Velvet Morning7a Lead O/S 26/Apr/10Wallsend South
Biscuits for Smut7b **Lead RP 22/Apr/10Coastguard South
Hang 'em High7b *Lead RP 20/Apr/10Coastguard North
Midnight Oil7a Lead O/S 20/Apr/10Coastguard North
Frenzied Detruncation7b+ **Lead RP 20/Apr/10Coastguard North
Senseless Thing7b *Lead RP 16/Apr/10Blacknor Far South
Freaky Ralph8a+ **Lead RP 16/Apr/10Blacknor North
Old Painless7a+ Lead O/S 09/Apr/10Wallsend North
Alberta Balsam7b Lead O/S 09/Apr/10Wallsend North
Montreal Protocol7b *Lead RP 09/Apr/10Wallsend North
Moan, Moan, Moan7b+ Lead RP 08/Apr/10Wallsend South
Kamikaze Moped7a *Lead O/S 16/Mar/10Blacknor South
The Launch7b+ *Lead RP 19/Feb/10Blacknor Central
Going Blank Again7a+ *Lead RP 13/Feb/10Wallsend North
Subyouth7b+ **Lead RP 11/Feb/10The Cuttings
Crown of Thorns7a+ **Lead O/S 05/Feb/10Blacknor Far South
The Shells, The Shells7a *Lead O/S 16/Nov/09Blacknor Central
How Now Brown Cow6c+ *Lead O/S 16/Nov/09Blacknor South
The Stals on Me Pal7a Lead O/S 07/Nov/09Blacknor Central
Toothless Vampire7b Lead O/S 07/Nov/09Blacknor Central
Dirty Cow7a *Lead O/S 30/Oct/09Blacknor South
Draper's Henchmen7a+ Lead O/S 30/Oct/09Blacknor South
Loose Cannon7a **Lead O/S 30/Oct/09Blacknor South
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