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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Horse Latitudes6a+ **Lead31/May/15Rainbow Slab Area
The Horsin' Around Finish6a+ **Lead31/May/15Rainbow Slab Area
Alive and Kicking6a **Lead31/May/15Rainbow Slab Area
CatrinE2 5c *Lead31/May/15Rainbow Slab Area
Scarface Claw6b *Lead O/S04/Apr/15Australia
Red Throated Diver6b+ **Lead O/S04/Apr/15Australia
2nd Class PassengerE2 5c *Lead O/S04/Apr/15Australia
Sleeper6c Lead O/S04/Apr/15Australia
Cartoon Lesbian6a Lead O/S04/Apr/15Australia
Titan4c *Solo O/S??/Apr/15Never Never Land
Zeus6a+ *Lead O/S??/Apr/15Never Never Land
Remain in LightE4 6a **Lead O/S??/Apr/15Serengeti
Colin's Arete4c -06/Oct/13Rainbow Walls
Circus Skills6a -06/Oct/13Rainbow Walls
White Tiger6a *-06/Oct/13Rainbow Walls
Slate Ninja6a *-06/Oct/13Rainbow Walls
Celtic Warrior6a *-06/Oct/13Rainbow Walls
The Manimal6b+ **Lead08/Aug/12Vivian Quarry
AntiquityE1 5a Lead O/S24/Jul/12Australia
Hawk Eye5c *Solo19/Jun/12Never Never Land
SeamstressVS 4c ***Solo19/Jun/12Serengeti
Great White6a Lead O/S27/May/12Harpur Hill Quarry
The Naked Spur5a Lead O/S27/May/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Breakfast at Safeways6b Lead O/S27/May/12Harpur Hill Quarry
Cleo's Edgef5+ Solo26/May/12Burbage North
JawsV2 **Sent15/Apr/12Goldilocks Boulders
The span spam manV2 Sent15/Apr/12Goldilocks Boulders
Eye ball PaulV2 *Sent15/Apr/12Goldilocks Boulders
ElevatorV2 **Sent31/Mar/12Caseg bach boulder
Stage FrightV2 *Sent31/Mar/12Caseg bach boulder
Fitz like a gloveV2 Sent31/Mar/12Caseg bach boulder
Tony two slapsV5 *Sent x31/Mar/12Caseg bach boulder
SoapstoneV2 Sent O/S27/Mar/12Llyn Peris Walls
Chris' slabV3 *Sent O/S27/Mar/12Llyn Peris Walls
Gloom AreteV2 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Steep Wall DirectV4 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Steep Wall CrackV4 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Work Out WallV3 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Grey Wall TraverseV3 *Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Grey Wall Left AreteV0 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Grey Wall CrackV0 *Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Das TurbingV2 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Thin WallV3 Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Out Of The Dark!V3 *Sent??/Mar/12Cable Bay
Steep Wall DirectV4 Sent???/2012Cable Bay
Steep Wall CrackV4 Sent???/2012Cable Bay
Grey Wall TraverseV3 *Sent???/2012Cable Bay
Grey Wall Left AreteV0 Sent???/2012Cable Bay
Grey Wall CrackV0 *Sent???/2012Cable Bay
Das TurbingV2 Sent???/2012Cable Bay