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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Power Of The Leopard Skin Leg WarmersLead rpt21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
A Leopard Cannot Change His SpotsLead rpt21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Marmalade SkiesLead RP21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Joy de VivaLead RP21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
The Day The Sky Fell InLead β21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
ShrewLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Yank my ChainLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Mental MantlesLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Diamond DogLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
The Chimney FinishLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Western Front DirectLead dnf07/Feb/15Navigation Quarry
Cartesian DualismLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Descarte's DithersLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Archimedes ScrewsLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
The Burning GlassLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
The Probing ProctologistLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Electra's RevengeLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Sully BuggersSent O/S18/Jan/15Sully Island
Sully BullySent O/S18/Jan/15Sully Island
Far too SullySent x18/Jan/15Sully Island
Cave to cave lower traverseSent x20/Dec/14Limeslade Crag
Robbed AreteSent x13/Dec/14Ogmore by Sea
Fach RooLead O/S10/Dec/14Glynfach
Killer AreteLead O/S10/Dec/14Glynfach
Elf and safetyLead O/S03/Dec/14Trehafod
Rhubarb Lets FlyLead RP03/Dec/14Trehafod
Meg( a )skater girl from GelliLead rpt03/Dec/14Trehafod
Organised ChaosLead O/S02/Dec/14Taffs Well Main
Ghengis KhanLead RP02/Dec/14Taffs Well Main
Backblock AreteSent x20/Nov/14Sully Island
Beati Silures Quibus Bibere Vivere EstSent x20/Nov/14Sully Island
Things Are Getting StrangeSolo O/S20/Nov/14Sully Island
The MarneSent x18/Nov/14Sully Island
UnnameedSent O/S09/Nov/14Sully Island
PanthersprungSent O/S09/Nov/14Sully Island
Quelle Conque (Red 11)Sent x02/Nov/14Petit Bois
Yellow no 22Sent O/S01/Nov/1491.1
Yellow no 22aSent O/S01/Nov/1491.1
Orange 11Sent β01/Nov/1491.1
Orange 15Sent O/S01/Nov/1491.1
Orange 17Sent O/S01/Nov/1491.1
Orange 30Sent x01/Nov/1491.1
Orange 31Sent O/S01/Nov/1491.1
Red 6b Le FlipperSent x01/Nov/1491.1
La Boucle d'OreilleSent rpt01/Nov/14La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 14Sent x01/Nov/14La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 17Sent O/S01/Nov/14La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 18Sent O/S01/Nov/14La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 19Sent O/S01/Nov/14La Roche aux Sabots
L'Elephant NordSent rpt31/Oct/14L'Elephant