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NameStyleDate Crag name
Fromage FraisLead rpt18/Apr/15Dinas Rock
Rat On A Hot Tin RoofLead dnf18/Apr/15Dinas Rock
Strawberry JamLead dnf12/Apr/15Tirpentwys
The CragmeisterLead rpt12/Apr/15Tirpentwys
RockyLead rpt12/Apr/15Tirpentwys
Hail MaryLead rpt12/Apr/15Tirpentwys
Tickety-BooLead rpt11/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Rise and ShineLead rpt11/Apr/15Watch House Crag
ExcavationLead O/S11/Apr/15Watch House Crag
The Drilling FieldsLead RP11/Apr/15Watch House Crag
St Vitus's DanceLead RP11/Apr/15Watch House Crag
Canis malus iterum fugit!Sent β07/Apr/15Sully Island
GravitonSent x05/Apr/15La Roche aux Sabots
La Moreau (Black 23)Sent O/S05/Apr/15L'Elephant
Lťgitime AdhťrenceSent dnf04/Apr/15Apremont
Ultramarine Blue 20Sent04/Apr/15Apremont
Les LutinsSent x02/Apr/1591.1
Orange 30Sent rpt02/Apr/1591.1
Red 9Sent x02/Apr/1591.1
Red 9 bis (Gratitude)Sent β02/Apr/1591.1
Blue 28Sent O/S01/Apr/15Franchard Isatis
La M‚choire (Red 30)Sent x01/Apr/15Franchard Isatis
La Traversťe (White 27)Sent O/S01/Apr/15Franchard Isatis
Le Faux Baquet (White 32b)Sent x01/Apr/15Franchard Isatis
Blue 63Sent O/S31/Mar/15L'Elephant
Morsure de Serpent (Blue 64)Sent β31/Mar/15L'Elephant
Dalle ŗ Poly/Le GruyŤre (Black 40b)Sent rpt31/Mar/15L'Elephant
Toit du LepineySent x31/Mar/15L'Elephant
Yellow 29Sent O/S30/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Yellow 6Sent O/S28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Yellow 15Sent O/S28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Yellow 18Sent O/S28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Yellow 49Sent O/S28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Blue 43Sent x28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
Coule Douce (Red 20)Sent x28/Mar/15Le Cul de Chien
The Day The Sky Fell InLead β21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Joy de VivaLead RP21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
The Power Of The Leopard Skin Leg WarmersLead rpt21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
A Leopard Cannot Change His SpotsLead rpt21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
Marmalade SkiesLead RP21/Mar/15Foxhole Cove
ShrewLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Yank my ChainLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Mental MantlesLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Diamond DogLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
The Chimney FinishLead rpt15/Mar/15Tirpentwys
Western Front DirectLead dnf07/Feb/15Navigation Quarry
Cartesian DualismLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Descarte's DithersLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Archimedes ScrewsLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...
The Burning GlassLead O/S24/Jan/15Witches Point (Stone Wing...