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Logbook for James Malloch

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Wall 2 - Middle Left Panel6a *Sent O/S 18/Oct/14Henry Price
Wall 3 - Middle Right Panel6b *Sent x 18/Oct/14Henry Price
Parisella's OriginalV6 **Sent x 11/Oct/14Parisella's Cave
Peasant Girlf5+ Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Gadgetf6A Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Casperf6A+ *Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
The Doorf5 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Do It, Do It Nowf4 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Roadside Aretef5 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hari's Highball Dayf4 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Oh, it's onf5 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
French Liaisonf6C+ Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Zone Principalef6C Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Alexisn6+ ***Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Hollenderan
Zone Principale extensionf7A Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Rock 'n Roll Lifestylef6A Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Positive Gradientf4 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Vertigef6B+ **Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Classicf5+ *Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Stylingf5+ *Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hill Startf7A Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Texas Gun Lawsf4 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Where's Wallyf3 Sent O/S ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Mary's Rooff6B+ **Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Disregardf7A+ Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Orange Heartf6C **Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Olli Dusentriebf6C+ Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Manuereheim Rooff6C Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Roof is on Firef6C Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hari Dippef6C Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Weed Etiquettef7A+ Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
John's Mantlef6C Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Lumpy Faced Russiansf4 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Head to Headf6C Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Good for the Gradef4 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Cap Gunf4 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
What a Knob!f6A Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
The revenge of the short peoplef6A Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Raquelf6B Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Arb Aretef5 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
If Onlyf5 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Horny Bastardf5 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Corner Aretef4 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Bouldering for Beginnersf5 Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Up the spoutf6A ***Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Ali G In Da Housef6B Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Mami Checkerf5+ Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Horny Devilf6B+ **Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Girl On Our Mindf6C Sent β ??/Sep/14Rocklands
Gamelanf6C Sent x ??/Sep/14Rocklands
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