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NameStyleDate Crag name
Demon Wall RoofSent x21/Feb/15Almscliff
ColtSent x14/Dec/14Anston Stones Wood
Dolphin Belly SlapSent x26/Oct/14Almscliff
Wall 2 - Middle Left PanelSent O/S18/Oct/14Henry Price
Wall 3 - Middle Right PanelSent x18/Oct/14Henry Price
Parisella's OriginalSent x11/Oct/14Parisella's Cave
Peasant GirlSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
GadgetSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
CasperSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
The DoorSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Do It, Do It NowSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Roadside AreteSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hari's Highball DaySent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Oh, it's onSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
French LiaisonSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Zone PrincipaleSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
AlexisSent O/S??/Sep/14Hollenderan
Zone Principale extensionSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Rock 'n Roll LifestyleSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Positive GradientSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
VertigeSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
ClassicSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
StylingSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hill StartSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Texas Gun LawsSent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Where's WallySent O/S??/Sep/14Rocklands
Mary's RoofSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
DisregardSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Orange HeartSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Olli DusentriebSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Manuereheim RoofSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Roof is on FireSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Hari DippeSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Weed EtiquetteSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
John's MantleSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Lumpy Faced RussiansSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Head to HeadSent x??/Sep/14Rocklands
Good for the GradeSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Cap GunSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
What a Knob!Sent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
The revenge of the short peopleSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
RaquelSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Arb AreteSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
If OnlySent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Horny BastardSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Corner AreteSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Bouldering for BeginnersSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Up the spoutSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Ali G In Da HouseSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands
Mami CheckerSent β??/Sep/14Rocklands