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Logbook for Henners

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NameStyleDate Crag name
RaindogsLead RP24/Mar/12Malham Cove
The JekyllLead RP23/Jun/11Kilnsey
WindjammerLead O/S18/Jun/11Dumbarton Rock
Malky TraverseSent x01/May/11Dumbarton Rock
PersistanceLead RP20/Apr/11Dumbarton Rock
MalkySent x??/Apr/11Dumbarton Rock
Tipo suecaLead O/S25/Dec/10El Chorro - Lower Gorge
Siempre fuimos punkies (L1)Lead RP??/Dec/10El Makinodromo
Trainspotting (To mid way chain)Lead RP??/Dec/10El Makinodromo
Hakuna mataLead RP??/Dec/10El Makinodromo
Los siete LarrysLead O/S??/Dec/10El Makinodromo
La villa strangiatoLead RP??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Viejo traidorLead RP??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Black CaveLead O/S??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Maquina cualquieraLead RP??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Poema de Roca P1Lead O/S??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
StonkerLead O/S??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
TalibaniaLead RP??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Clint EastwoodLead O/S??/Dec/10Frontales Medias
Judea del frenta popularLead O/S??/Dec/10Frontalas Bajas
Frente popular de JudeaLead O/S??/Dec/10Frontalas Bajas
La ley del CatetoLead O/S??/Dec/10Las Encantadas
Super galletaLead O/S??/Dec/10Los Cotos
Los mandriles no comen galletasLead O/S??/Dec/10Los Cotos
EnduranceLead RP20/May/10Dumbarton Rock
I've Been a Bad, Bad BoyLead RP16/May/10Lower Pen Trwyn
House of PainLead RP11/May/10Dumbuck
Silver BackSent x08/May/10Dumbarton Rock
Physical GraffitiSolo RP11/Apr/09Dumbarton Rock
Totality Direct FinishSent x20/Mar/09Dumbarton Rock
The Shield Right HandSent x20/Mar/09Dumbarton Rock
Transformer LHSent x28/Feb/08Bowden Doors
Off the Beaten TrackLead25/Sep/07Glen Ogle Sport Crags
Chain LightningLead RP25/Aug/07Glen Ogle Sport Crags
Heavy MetalLead O/S01/Aug/07The Anvil
ShadowlandsLead RP01/Aug/07The Anvil
In BloomSent x29/May/07Dumbarton Rock
The Shield SSSent x27/May/07Dumbarton Rock
The ShieldSent x22/May/07Dumbarton Rock
La Banda del RulosLead RP01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Planète GrooveLead RP01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
MuratiLead RP01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Les Ailes du DésirLead β01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Grandeur NatureLead β01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Ils ont Marché sur la TuneLead RP01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Une Colonne Derrière les VerrousLead β01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
El Diablo PerversoLead O/S01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
L'Équipeur DésagrégéLead β01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Féerie pour une autre FoisLead β01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
Les Couilles au CulLead O/S01/Nov/06Gorges du Tarn
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