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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Funky TutV3 ***Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Hero RoofV0 ***Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
King TutV3 ***Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Iron ManV4 ***Sent x 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Hager AreteV0 **Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Hager Boulder #5VB **Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Glass SlabV0 **Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
AyV1 **Sent O/S 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Inner SanctumV2 Sent β 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Green Wall CenterV6 ***Sent x 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Gleaming the Cube (high start)V6 Sent x 03/Oct/14Buttermilks
Bouncing BabiesV0 Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
China DollV0 **Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
MothersV0 *Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Sleeping GasV2 Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
SpacehopperV0 Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
The Great DominionsV1 *Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Strength in NumbersV5 ***Sent dnf 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Layback CrackV0 Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Undercling ProblemV4 *Sent O/S 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
ChizamV5 **Sent x 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
MollyV5 Sent x 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Erotic TerroristV6 **Sent x 02/Oct/14Sad Boulders
Acid Wash RightV9 *Sent dnf 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
RaveV7 ***Sent dnf 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
The HulkV6 ***Sent x 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
WeekenderV4 Sent dnf 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
SolariumV4 ***Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Western Round UpV1 *Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Duck SoupV0 Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
DumbV0 Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
GiantV0 Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Ketron ClassicV4 Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Kling and SmirkV2 Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Margo's AreteVB Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Mmm... niceV0- Sent O/S 01/Oct/14Happy Boulders
Not the ClapperV1 ***Sent O/S 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Pig Pen Slab #12V1 **Sent O/S 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Pig Pen Slab #13V2 **Sent O/S 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
The ClapperV6 ***Sent x 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Run With MeV2 Sent x 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
CornerV0 Sent O/S 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Jug-start to Acid Wash RightV7 Sent x 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
the French ConnectionV6 **Sent x 30/Sep/14Happy Boulders
GroundwaterV5 Sent x 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Celestial TrailV0- Sent O/S 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Cross RoadsV0+ Sent O/S 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Donkey BoyV1 Sent O/S 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
Heavenly PathV1 Sent O/S 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
High RoadV0+ Sent O/S 29/Sep/14Happy Boulders
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