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NameStyleDate Crag name
In Her EyesTR O/S09/Mar/13Baggy Point
Tomb of KhazadhumTR O/S09/Mar/13Baggy Point
TiburónLead O/S17/Nov/11Forada
De JoanLead O/S17/Nov/11Forada
Vía ValencianosLead O/S16/Nov/11Penon de Ifach
Vía Valencianos2nd O/S15/Nov/11Ponoch
The WaspLead O/S14/Nov/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
PalLead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
R2 dedosLead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
U2Lead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
Mosca tacaLead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
El graduadoLead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
Xupla polenLead O/S13/Nov/11Salem
Dime dimeLead O/S12/Nov/11Sella
Pequeñecos IlLead O/S12/Nov/11Sella
CarmelaLead O/S11/Nov/11Marin
MaikaLead O/S11/Nov/11Marin
AntoLead O/S10/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
JanLead O/S10/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
AnbeaLead O/S10/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
Big Bootie2nd O/S09/Nov/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Scorpion2nd O/S09/Nov/11Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
La roja unaLead O/S08/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
CostillaLead O/S08/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
La roja dosLead O/S08/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
La roja tresLead O/S08/Nov/11Sierra de Toix
Tennis ShoeLead O/S25/Sep/11Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
MyomancyTR O/S07/Sep/11Craig Pant Ifan (Tremadog)
Cormorant FrontLead O/S29/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
AquarianLead O/S29/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
RosaryLead29/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
apex areteLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Brown SlabLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Slab RecessLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
The CrackLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Cracked WallLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
Rising DampLead O/S28/Aug/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
CapricornLead O/S28/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
GeminiLead O/S28/Aug/11Initiation Slabs
Glaze CrackLead O/S27/Aug/11Porth-Clais
Porth-Clais CrackLead O/S27/Aug/11Porth-Clais
Diagonal CrackLead O/S27/Aug/11Porth-Clais
Chockstone ChimneyLead O/S15/Aug/11Peel crag
Bracket2nd O/S15/Aug/11Crag Lough
Block ChimneyLead O/S15/Aug/11Crag Lough
RushlightLead O/S14/Aug/11Crookrise
Cave CrackLead O/S14/Aug/11Crookrise
Big BootsLead O/S10/Aug/11Downholme Quarry
PongoesLead O/S10/Aug/11Downholme Quarry
OberonAltLd O/S05/Aug/11Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
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