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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Kirsten5c *TR O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Kirsten II5c *Lead O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Suphi6a **Lead O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Jubilado Direct6b+ *Lead dogTom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Izquierdo4c Lead O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Centro4a Lead O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Derecho4a Lead O/STom Smart13/Apr/14Valldemossa
Fisura5c **Lead O/STom Smart12/Apr/14Betlem (El Calo de Betlem)
Wilow6a **TR O/STom Smart12/Apr/14Betlem (El Calo de Betlem)
Crozzly Wall6b *Lead O/STom Smart12/Apr/14Betlem (El Calo de Betlem)
Facil5c **Lead O/STom Smart12/Apr/14Betlem (El Calo de Betlem)
Sobrassada5a *Lead O/STom Smart11/Apr/14Alaro
Fido-dido6a Lead O/STom Smart11/Apr/14Alaro
Pincha uvas5a **Lead O/SJames Burton11/Apr/14Alaro
The Juggy One5c **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Nautilus6a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Xorics6b+ ***Lead dogTom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Repusai6a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Beachcomber6a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Ses tres Maries6a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Asulla6b+ **Lead RPTom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
L'amo de Baltix m'envia6a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Captain Nemo5c **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Jetsam5c *Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
El vigilant de la platja4a **Lead O/STom Smart10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
Xorics Right6b *Lead dog 10/Apr/14Cala Magraner
La ley del deseo5c ***AltLd O/STom Smart08/Apr/14Sa Gubia
El Cazador6a+ Lead dogTom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Skidmark6a Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
ORC6a+ **Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Fup4c **Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Duck5c **Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Pineapple5c **Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Cheers6a **Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Hooters6a ***Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Chicharra Loca6a Lead O/STom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Hard for 6a6b **Lead dnfTom Smart07/Apr/14Puig de Garrafa
Part Forana5c *Lead O/S 06/Apr/14S'estret
Movimiento sexy5c *Lead O/S 06/Apr/14S'estret
Tight Slab6a Lead O/STom Smart06/Apr/14S'estret
El bandido de un brazo6a **Lead O/STom Smart06/Apr/14S'estret
Con el culo al aire5c *Lead O/STom Smart06/Apr/14S'estret
Pasión interminable5a *Lead O/STom Smart06/Apr/14S'estret
Lord of the Rings4c **Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Coordina coordinator4c **Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Curset4a **Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Hyperion5c **Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Récords de Bunyola6a+ ***Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Som-hi6a Lead O/STom Smart05/Apr/14La Creveta
Tabacco e venere6a+ **Lead dog 11/Apr/13Monastery
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