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Logbook for tommurrell1

47 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Minotauro5c **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Orione6a **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Eros7b+ ***Lead dogMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Thetis6b ***Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Piero & Angela6a **Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13The Beach
Elizabeth7a+ ***Lead RPTessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13The Beach
Exotic Ambeli6a Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Route 666a+ Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Resista6c+ ***Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Pic Pic6b ***Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Myrthe6a **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Parasitos6a+ **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Persephone6b **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Serena6b ***Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Saule7a+ **Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Ocean Dream
Lucifer's Hammer6c ***Lead O/STessa, Richard??/Apr/13The Spartan Walls
Spasspartout6b **Lead O/STessa, Richard??/Apr/13The Spartan Walls
Kurva7a ***Lead O/STessa, Richard??/Apr/13The Spartan Walls
DNA7a ***Lead O/STessa, Richard??/Apr/13Grande Grotta
Bitman7b ***Lead RPTessa, Richard??/Apr/13Panorama
The Shield7b+ **Lead dnfTessa, Richard??/Apr/13The Spartan Walls
Leonides7b ***Lead dogTessa, Richard??/Apr/13The Spartan Walls
Telendos7b+ Lead O/STessa, Richard??/Apr/13Ocean Dream
Sisyphus junior7b **Lead RPMiggy??/Apr/13The Ghost Kitchen
Majestic7a+ **Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
Borni7b+ **Lead RPTessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
Bibou6a+ ***Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
Side cut extension6c **Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
Side cut6a+ ***Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
X-over6a+ **Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
Cook5c ***Lead O/STessa, Richard, Miggy??/Apr/13Kastri
M407a *Lead dogMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Optasia5a **Lead O/SMiggy??/Apr/13Arhi
Happy Girlfriend5c -Tessa, Richard???/2013Grande Grotta
Monahiki Elia6a+ ***-Tessa, Richard???/2013Grande Grotta
Panselinos6b **Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Carpe diem6a+ ***Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Lothar la7a **Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Uncle Ernie6b+ *Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Cyclops6c ***Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Neptun kl6c **Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Panorama
Saxonia6a **Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Poets
Quando tramonta il sol6a+ *Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Poets
Mustass5c ***Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Poets
Oreads6b **Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Poets
O brothers6b+ Lead O/STessa, Richard???/2013Poets
Omero7a **Lead RPTessa, Richard???/2013Poets