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Logbook for johnnorley

37 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Recess WallHVD *2ndGareth James01/May/11Stanage Popular
Right Wall RouteHVD 4a LeadGareth James01/May/11Stanage Popular
CueHVS 5b **Lead dnfGareth James01/May/11Stanage Plantation
Right Pool CrackVD 2ndGareth James01/May/11Stanage Plantation
Left Pool CrackD Lead O/SGareth James01/May/11Stanage Plantation
Castle CrackHS 4b **Lead O/SGareth James01/May/11Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece CrackD 4a 2ndGareth James17/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Small CrackVD *2ndGareth James17/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Monkey CrackVD 4a Lead O/SGareth James17/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 1HS 4b *Lead O/SGareth James16/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 3VS 4c *2ndGareth James16/Jun/10Stanage Popular
NewhavenD *Lead O/SGareth James16/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Grotto SlabD *Lead O/Sshaunda pinfold15/Jun/10Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 1HS 4b *Lead dnfGareth James25/Apr/10Stanage Popular
RamsgateS 4b 2ndGareth James25/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Button WallVD Lead O/SGareth James24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Wing WallD Lead O/SGareth James24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Velcro AreteHS 4c 2ndGareth James24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Grotto SlabD *2nd O/S 24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
ToggleHS 4b Lead O/SGareth James24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Grotto SlabD *Lead O/SGareth James24/Apr/10Stanage Popular
Kemp's Delightnone 4b *TR RPAndrea Norley09/Aug/09Bowles Rocks
Bumbler's AreteM Lead O/SAndrea Norley01/Jul/09Stanage Popular
NewhavenD *Lead O/SAndrea Norley01/Jul/09Stanage Popular
RamsgateS 4b Lead O/SAndrea Norley01/Jul/09Stanage Popular
Grotto SlabD *Lead O/SAndrea Norley30/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Monkey CrackVD 4a Lead O/SAndrea Norley30/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Velcro AreteHS 4c Lead dnfAndrea Norley30/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Flying ButtressHVD ***Lead dnfAndrea Norley30/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Wallynone 4b TR O/SAndrea Norley11/May/09Bowles Rocks
Yoyonone 4a **TR O/SAndrea Norley11/May/09Bowles Rocks
Red Pegnone 2a TR O/SJack Read04/May/09Bowles Rocks
Banananone 6a **TR dnfAndrea Norley25/Apr/09Bowles Rocks
Mick's Wallnone 5b TR dnfAndrea Norley25/Apr/09Bowles Rocks
Skifflenone 3a *TR O/SAndrea Norley25/Apr/09Bowles Rocks
Drosophilanone 5b **TR dogAndrea Norley25/Apr/09Bowles Rocks
Reclamation Slab Leftnone 3b *TR O/SAndrea Norley14/Mar/09Bowles Rocks