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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Left Wall Traverse Low (flake start)V5 Sent x03/Jul/15Parisella's Cave
Toe Dragon (Main Block P2)V5 **Sent x02/Jul/15The Sheep Pen
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3)V4 ***Sent x02/Jul/15The Sheep Pen
The Pinch (Pinch Block P6)V7 **Sent x02/Jul/15The Sheep Pen
The ShelfV3 **Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
The GrooveV4 ***Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
Wavelength CentralV2 **Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksV6 ***Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
Boysen's grooveV4 ***Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
The WitchV7 **Sent O/S29/Jun/15Wavelength Boulders
Room to swing a KatzV6 **Sent x28/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
BackshotV6 6b *Sent x28/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Wire Brush CrackV5 **Sent x28/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Cross FaderV5 *Sent x28/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
ultimate retro partyV8 **Sent x28/Jun/15Cromlech boulders
Jets to BrazilV5 *Sent x27/Jun/15Porth Ysgo
JawbreakerV5 **Sent x27/Jun/15Porth Ysgo
The Incredible Shaking ManV3 ***Sent x27/Jun/15Porth Ysgo
Popcorn PartyV6 ***Sent x27/Jun/15Porth Ysgo
ToeJam & Earlf7C **Sent x18/Jun/15Carrock Fell crag
The Young Man and the Seaf7A *Sent x14/Jun/15St. Bees Head
Fruits de Merf7A+ *Sent x14/Jun/15St. Bees Head
Left Arete of Kiss Kiss Bang Bangf6C+ *Sent O/S14/Jun/15St. Bees Head
Saturn Vf7B **Sent x09/Jun/15Sour Milk Boulders
Monkey TrunkV8+ *Sent x06/Jun/15Carrock Fell crag
Lambrini Girlf7C **Sent x03/Jun/15Sour Milk Boulders
Cubby's Lipf7B+ **Sent x30/May/15Kyloe-in-the-wood (Kyloe-In)
Cromlech Roof CrackV6 6b **Sent x25/May/15Cromlech boulders
Red Cloverf7A+ *Sent x18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
The Crack Fox (SDS)f6A+ Sent18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
Cove Aretef6A+ *Sent18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
Solar Kissf7B *Sent O/S18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
Shaman Juicef6C+ **Sent O/S18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
Dancing on ISONf7B *Sent O/S18/Apr/15Coniston Bouldering
Platform to Successf7A *Sent x22/Mar/15Horsehow Crag Boulders
The Giant Peachf7B ***Sent x22/Mar/15Horsehow Crag Boulders
Axisf7C Sent x21/Mar/15Coniston Bouldering
Davy Jones' Lockerf7B+ **Sent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
Titanic Aretef7A ***Sent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
A Northern Soulf7A+ ***Sent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
The Prowf6C **Sent O/S04/Jan/15Hepburn
Photo Opportunity Aretef5 *Sent O/S04/Jan/15Hepburn
Rheumatologyf7A *Sent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Ten Mighty Wee Gunsf7A **Sent O/S30/Nov/14Stirrup Boulders (Wasdale)
Digital Decadef7A+ *Sent O/S27/Sep/14Coniston Bouldering
The Groovef6C+ *Sent x20/Sep/14Trowbarrow
Technobabble SDSf7A **Sent x15/Sep/14Coniston Bouldering
Jerry's Aretef7A **Sent x07/Sep/14Robin Hood's Stride
Somebody's Headf7A Sent x05/Sep/14Blackwell Dale
A Lack of Colourf7B Sent x05/Sep/14Blackwell Dale