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NameStyleDate Crag name
The Giant PeachSent x22/Mar/15Horsehow Crag Boulders
Platform to SuccessSent x22/Mar/15Horsehow Crag Boulders
AxisSent x21/Mar/15Coniston Bouldering
Davy Jones' LockerSent x01/Feb/15St. Bees Head
RheumatologySent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Photo Opportunity AreteSent O/S04/Jan/15Hepburn
The ProwSent O/S04/Jan/15Hepburn
A Northern SoulSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Titanic AreteSent x04/Jan/15Hepburn
Ten Mighty Wee GunsSent O/S30/Nov/14Stirrup Boulders (Wasdale)
Digital DecadeSent O/S27/Sep/14Coniston Bouldering
The GrooveSent x20/Sep/14Trowbarrow
Technobabble SDSSent x15/Sep/14Coniston Bouldering
Jerry's AreteSent x07/Sep/14Robin Hood's Stride
A Lack of ColourSent x05/Sep/14Blackwell Dale
Somebody's HeadSent x05/Sep/14Blackwell Dale
Grand OperaSent x28/Aug/14The Bowderstone
Problem 1 (Green Dots) LakesBloc Problem 10Sent O/S25/Aug/14Armathwaite
Problem 2 (Red Dots)Sent O/S25/Aug/14Armathwaite
Problem 3 (Yellow Dots) Lakesbloc Problem 9Sent O/S25/Aug/14Armathwaite
Problem 4 (Blue Dots) Lakesbloc Problem 7Sent O/S25/Aug/14Armathwaite
Problem 7 (White Dots) Lakesbloc Problem 2Sent O/S25/Aug/14Armathwaite
FudgeSent x23/Aug/14Blackwell Dale
Don't JumpSent x23/Aug/14Blackwell Dale
Push Me Pull YouSent x23/Aug/14Blackwell Dale
Red or DeadSent x23/Aug/14Blackwell Dale
Gravity WaveSent x??/Aug/14St. Bees Head
ElephantitusSent x26/Jul/14Elephantitus Cave
Crucifix KissSent x20/Jul/14Woodwell
What's this for...!Sent x20/Jul/14Woodwell
Soul SwitchSent x20/Jul/14Woodwell
Impropa OperaSent x15/Jul/14The Bowderstone
Road HouseSent x12/Jul/14Coniston Bouldering
ModulatorSent x09/Jul/14St. Bees Head
Buoyz in the HoodSent x09/Jul/14St. Bees Head
EnigmaSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
HubrisSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
The ScoopSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
Low Level TraverseSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
This One's For BillSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
ScoopSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
Milk SnatcherSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
Kel's ProblemSent O/S06/Jul/14Goldsborough Carr
Silicon SlaveSent x29/Jun/14Coniston Bouldering
HotjavaSent O/S29/Jun/14Coniston Bouldering
Hacker's Homeland SDSSent x28/Jun/14Coniston Bouldering
Hyperlink SDSSent x28/Jun/14Coniston Bouldering
The Lip TraverseSent O/S27/May/14Sour Milk Boulders
Surplomb de la Coquille (Conquérance)Sent x16/May/14Franchard Isatis
The CoilSent x03/May/14Farleton Crag