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Logbook for Hardcore Pat

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NameStyleDate Crag name
Left Studio ClimbSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
Right Studio ClimbSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
April FoolSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
End ButtressSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
End SlabSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
False End SlabSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
End Slab RampSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
Front End FaceSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
Back End SlabSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
EnderSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
Endest AreteSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
EndsteSolo rpt03/Nov/14Burbage North
Greeny CrackLead O/S03/Nov/14Burbage North
Wobblestone CrackSolo O/S03/Nov/14Burbage North
High Neb ButtressLead rpt01/Nov/14Stanage High Neb
Tango CrackSolo O/S01/Nov/14Stanage High Neb
Norse Corner ClimbLead β01/Nov/14Stanage High Neb
Mantelshelf ClimbSolo O/S01/Nov/14Stanage High Neb
Pikedaw WallLead O/S26/Oct/14Malham Cove
ClubfootLead O/S26/Oct/14Malham Cove
SwingoverLead O/S26/Oct/14Malham Cove
MatadorLead O/S25/Oct/14Attermire Scar
Cold TurkeyLead rpt18/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Easter RibLead rpt18/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress DirectLead rpt18/Oct/14Stanage Popular
Old SaltLead O/S12/Oct/14Stanage End
Terrazza CrackLead rpt12/Oct/14Stanage End
ValedictionLead rpt12/Oct/14Stanage End
Spring into ActionLead O/S21/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Count's ButtressLead O/S04/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
Count's WallLead O/S04/Sep/14Stanage Plantation
Looning the TubeLead O/S31/Aug/14Australia
Zippy's First Acid TripLead O/S31/Aug/14Australia
The BurningLead dog31/Aug/14Australia
Orangutang OverhangLead dog31/Aug/14Australia
ShadrachLead O/S30/Aug/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Merlin DirectAltLd O/S30/Aug/14Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Claw ClimbLead O/S24/Aug/14Dovestone Tor
Stony FacedLead O/S24/Aug/14Dovestone Tor
Step It UpSolo O/S24/Aug/14Dovestone Tor
ErosLead O/S04/Aug/14Millstone Edge
Embankment 3Lead β04/Aug/14Millstone Edge
Time for Tea OriginalLead dog04/Aug/14Millstone Edge
Pleasure DomeLead O/S03/Aug/14Willersley Castle Rocks
GodLead O/S03/Aug/14Willersley Castle Rocks
Overhanging WallLead β03/Aug/14Willersley Castle Rocks
Embankment 4Lead O/S30/Jul/14Millstone Edge
The MallLead β30/Jul/14Millstone Edge
Pisa Super DirectLead O/S24/Jul/14Shining Clough Rocks
Phoenix ClimbLead O/S24/Jul/14Shining Clough Rocks
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