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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Shangri-LaS 4a ***Lead19/Aug/14Baggy Point
Box of DelightsHS 4b *AltLd18/Aug/14Vicarage Cliff
TombstoneHS 4b AltLd18/Aug/14Vicarage Cliff
Wellington's StandVS 4c AltLd18/Aug/14Vicarage Cliff
Demo RouteHS 4b ***Lead16/Aug/14Sennen
Bosigran Ridge a.k.a Commando RidgeVD ***-15/Aug/14Bosigran Ridge Area
DoorpostHS 4b ***AltLd O/S14/Aug/14Bosigran
King RatE1 5c ***AltLd O/S25/Jul/14Creag an Dubh Loch
Fingers RidgeD -24/Jul/14Coire an t'Sneachda
Prince of DarknessE1 5b **AltLd O/S23/Jul/14Hell's Lum
The Needle (Summer)E1 5b ***AltLd O/S22/Jul/14Shelterstone Crag
Golden SlipperHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S30/Jun/14Pavey Ark
CoatiVS 4b **AltLd O/S30/Jun/14Pavey Ark
QuicksilverE1 5b **2nd29/Jun/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
Holly Tree CrackE1 5b **Lead29/Jun/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
Terminator 2HVS 5a ***Lead29/Jun/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
Lakeland CragsmanHVS 5a ***Lead29/Jun/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
EnduranceHVS 5a **Lead29/Jun/14Sergeant Crag Slabs
Little ChamonixVD ***Solo28/Jun/14Shepherds Crag
Fishers FollyVS 4c ***AltLd25/Jun/14Shepherds Crag
EveVS 4c ***AltLd25/Jun/14Shepherds Crag
ArdusMVS 4b ***AltLd25/Jun/14Shepherds Crag
ConclusionE1 5b **Lead25/Jun/14Shepherds Crag
Zig ZagVS 4b ***AltLd23/Jun/14Craig Ddu
CravatVS 4b **2nd20/Jun/14Neckband Crag
MithrandirHVS 5a ***Lead dnf20/Jun/14Neckband Crag
Yellow FeverE2 5b ***2nd19/Jun/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Glass SlipperE2 5b *2nd19/Jun/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Gillercombe ButtressS 3c **-18/Jun/14Gillercombe
Troutdale PinnacleS ***AltLd17/Jun/14Black Crag (Borrowdale)
AberrationMVS 4c **AltLd O/S02/Jun/14Quayfoot Buttress
Bilberry ButtressVS 4c ***AltLd O/S31/May/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
RevelationHS ***2nd31/May/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
AsteriskVS 4b ***Lead O/S18/May/14Gimmer Crag
Kipling GrooveHVS 5a ***AltLd O/S18/May/14Gimmer Crag
Curved RidgeII/III 3 ***AltLd02/Jan/14Buachaille Etive Mor
Fingers RidgeIV 4 ***AltLd30/Dec/13Coire an t'Sneachda
The Strait GateE1 5b ***2nd O/S22/Aug/13Mother Carey's Kitchen
Rock IdolE1 5a ***2nd O/S22/Aug/13Mother Carey's Kitchen
Yellow EdgeHS 4b *Lead O/S18/Aug/13Carreg-y-Barcud
SinecureE1 5b **2nd O/S18/Aug/13Carreg-y-Barcud
EthosHVS 5a **2nd O/S18/Aug/13Carreg-y-Barcud
ArmoricanVS 4c **Lead O/S18/Aug/13Craig Caerfai
P.S.E1 5b **2nd O/S16/Aug/13Shepherds Crag
Woolly JumperE1 5a **2nd O/S??/Jul/13Bowfell Buttress
The CrackVS 4c ***AltLd26/Mar/12Gimmer Crag
The CoffinVS 4b **2nd O/S10/Jul/11Black Crag (Borrowdale)
RaindropE1 5b ***AltLd O/S10/Jul/11Black Crag (Borrowdale)
'D' RouteS ***Lead O/S02/May/11Gimmer Crag
Ash Tree SlabsVD ***Lead O/S02/May/11Gimmer Crag