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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Rocky6a *Lead O/S30/May/15Tirpentwys
Mucky Ducky6a+ Lead O/S30/May/15Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles6a *Lead β30/May/15Tirpentwys
Lundy Boy6b *Lead β30/May/15Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the edges6a Lead O/S30/May/15Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish6a *Lead O/S30/May/15Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seams6a Lead β30/May/15Tirpentwys
The Brown Dirt Cowboy6a+ Lead β30/May/15Tirpentwys
Third Time LuckyVS 4b *2nd17/May/15Gardoms Edge
Tree ButtressVS 4b Lead G/U17/May/15Gardoms Edge
Elliott's Buttress DirectVS 4b **Lead O/S17/May/15Gardoms Edge
Elliott's Buttress IndirectVS 4c *2nd17/May/15Gardoms Edge
Moyer's ClimbHS 4b *Lead O/S17/May/15Gardoms Edge
TractionVS 4c 2nd17/May/15Gardoms Edge
Empress CrackS 4a *2nd16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Anarchist's ArÍteVS 4c *Lead dog16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Prince's CrackS 4b *2nd16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Emperor CrackVS 4b *2nd16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Emperor Flake ClimbVD ***Lead O/S16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
LeaperVS 5b Lead G/U16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Mort WallHVS 5a *2nd16/May/15Chatsworth Edge
Wild Country6a ***AltLd O/S27/Apr/15Telendos South Face...
Klausis6a **Lead β26/Apr/15Arginonta
And now for something completely different5c ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Arginonta
Stock Fish5b *Lead O/S26/Apr/15Arginonta
Borhok6b ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Arginonta
Wild Sex6b ***Lead β26/Apr/15Arginonta
Free Style6b ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Arginonta
Pornokini6a ***Lead β26/Apr/15Arginonta
Patrocole6b *Lead β25/Apr/15Iliada
Beautiful Helen6a+ ***Lead β25/Apr/15Iliada
Ekavi6a+ ***Lead O/S25/Apr/15Iliada
Kalhas6b ***Lead O/S25/Apr/15Iliada
Ulysse6a **Lead O/S25/Apr/15Iliada
Ifigenia6a+ **Lead β25/Apr/15Iliada
Marianna5c *Lead β25/Apr/15Iliada
Energy 4th May 20004c **Lead O/S24/Apr/15Afternoon
Happy Girlfriend5c Lead O/S24/Apr/15Grande Grotta
Tsopanakos Extension6a+ *Lead O/S24/Apr/15Afternoon
Swiss Baby6a+ **Lead β24/Apr/15Afternoon
To deftero moro mou5c *Lead β24/Apr/15Afternoon
Yo Yo5c **Lead O/S24/Apr/15The Spartan Walls
Hibiscus Market (part 1)6a *Lead β24/Apr/15The Spartan Walls
Pablo-Luca6a **Lead O/S23/Apr/15Styx
Lachesis (Sixpack)5c ***Lead O/S23/Apr/15Styx
Klotho (Do you remember)5c **Lead β23/Apr/15Styx
Harmonie5c **Lead β23/Apr/15Styx
Litlost6b *Lead β23/Apr/15Styx
Golden Top6a+ **Lead β23/Apr/15Styx
Tonerner Krug6a *Lead O/S23/Apr/15Styx