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NameStyleDate Crag name
Swivel HeadLead30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
RightguardLead30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
Jumbled Blocks CrackLead30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
Original Route2nd30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
Ping Pong2nd30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
Razor's CrackTR30/Jun/14Pass of Ballater
Chèré Couloir2nd26/Jun/14Mont Blanc du Tacul
Rainbow WallLead rpt10/Jun/14Souter Head
Rainbow CrackLead rpt10/Jun/14Souter Head
Brooker's Arete2nd O/S10/Jun/14Souter Head
Release the Bats2nd O/S07/Jun/14Stac Pollaidh
Munroron2nd O/S06/Jun/14Jetty Crag
Giant Flake Route2nd14/May/14Pass of Ballater
Strawberry Ripple2nd rpt14/May/14Pass of Ballater
South Paw2nd O/S06/Oct/13Floors Craig
Eric the Maladjusted MolluscLead O/S06/Oct/13Floors Craig
Slug Arete2nd O/S06/Oct/13Floors Craig
Filler InLead O/S06/Oct/13Floors Craig
SW face (normal route)2nd O/S04/Sep/13Dent du Geant
Creak and Squeak2nd dog18/Aug/13Pass of Ballater
Strawberry Ripple2nd dog18/Aug/13Pass of Ballater
Strawberry Ripple2nd rpt18/Aug/13Pass of Ballater
Yawn WallLead O/S18/Jul/13Deceptive Wall
Yawn Pillar2nd rpt18/Jul/13Deceptive Wall
Waves2nd rpt18/Jul/13Deceptive Wall
Deceptive TraverseLead O/S18/Jul/13Deceptive Wall
Fishbone Variation2nd O/S18/Jul/13Deceptive Wall
Snotty NoseLead O/S13/Jul/13Cummingston
Cornflake Wall2nd O/S13/Jul/13Cummingston
Staircase CrackLead13/Jul/13Cummingston
Doubtless Wall2nd O/S13/Jul/13Cummingston
BombproofLead O/S13/Jul/13Cummingston
Stegosaurus2nd O/S13/Jul/13Cummingston
Doddle DiedreLead13/Jul/13Cummingston
Fingers RidgeAltLd rpt05/Jul/13Coire an t'Sneachda
Right Hand Groove2nd O/S05/Jul/13Huntly's Cave
Cave Direct2nd O/S05/Jul/13Huntly's Cave
Platform Climb (summer)Lead O/S07/Jun/13Clach na Beinn
Southeast Gully (summer)Solo O/S07/Jun/13Clach na Beinn
Inside Right2nd O/S07/Jun/13Clach na Beinn
No 1 Chimney2nd rpt07/Jun/13Clach na Beinn
Lime ChimneyLead rpt21/May/13Pass of Ballater
Brut2nd rpt21/May/13Pass of Ballater
Jumbled Blocks CrackLead rpt14/May/13Pass of Ballater
Ping PongLead rpt14/May/13Pass of Ballater
Jam CrackLead dog14/May/13Pass of Ballater
Yawn PillarLead O/S23/Apr/13Deceptive Wall
Waves2nd O/S23/Apr/13Deceptive Wall
Fretted SocketLead O/S23/Apr/13Deceptive Wall
Big Daddy2nd O/S23/Apr/13Deceptive Wall