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Logbook for Pierre Fuentes

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Little Black Wall Traversef6A+ **- 28/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Sidepull Eliminatef6B *- 28/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Crimp Eliminatef6A+ - 28/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Prowf4 - 21/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Prow eliminatef6B - 21/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Tangologyf7A - 21/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Rise of the cavemanf6A+ - 21/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
High and dryf6A - 21/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Crimpy arÍtef6A Sent 13/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Hummeliationf6B Sent 13/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Humiliationf7A Sent 13/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Slab and wallf5+ Sent 13/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Mini rooff6A+ Sent 13/Sep/14Hummell Rocks
Slab Eliminatef6A+ - 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Juggy Traversef6A - 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Non-Juggy Traversef6B+ - 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Overhang Problemf6A *- 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall Traverse (R-L low)f7B **Sent 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The Bulgef6B - 07/Sep/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall, Central Wall Eliminatef6C **- 24/Aug/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
Black Wall Traverse (R-L)f6C+ **- 17/Aug/14Salisbury Crags (Edinburgh)
The lock reloadedf7A ***- 13/Aug/14Agassiz Rock
Cornerf4 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Blind Seamf5 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Dreaming of Heucof4 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Paw Printsf3 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Hanging Ribf4 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Warm Up Traversef6A - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Endf5+ - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Wallf5 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Groovef4 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Short Slabf5 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Flying Fishf6A+ *- 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Manta RHf6B - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
RH Aretef4+ - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Middle Problemf4 - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
LH Problemf4+ - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Transformer RHf6C - 09/Aug/14Bowden Doors
Forsakenf5+ - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
I bent my Wookief3+ - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Wookief3 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Whoop AssV3 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Captain InsanoV0 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Captain Insano shows no mercyV1 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
CrunchieV1 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Honey MonsterV2 - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Surface Tensionf6A 6a - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
The tablef5+ - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Unforsakenf6A+ - 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
Bear ClawV4 6b+ *- 07/Aug/14Hummell Rocks
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