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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Eagle's NestS **2nd20/Jan/11Luckey Tor (aka Eagle Rock)
AthosVD Lead10/Nov/10Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Bulging WallVD **2nd10/Nov/10Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
DongS 4b *2nd08/Oct/10Bosigran
Right Angle (VS 4b variation)VS 4b ***2nd08/Oct/10Gurnard's Head
Steps AreteS 4a Lead16/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Garden WallHS 4c TR16/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Juliet's BalconyHVS 5a 2nd09/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Simanon DirectHVS 4c **2nd09/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
The Purple RevracHS 4b **2nd09/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Variation StartVD 4b *Lead09/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Sunset AreteVS 4c 2nd09/Sep/10Cheesewring Quarry
Spider's WebHVS 5a ***2nd dnf29/Jun/10The Dewerstone
Lemon TreeHS 4b **AltLd17/Jun/10Cheesewring Quarry
PeterVD 2nd O/S17/Jun/10Cheesewring Quarry
Colonel's CavortHS 4a 2nd24/May/10The Dewerstone
Gates of EdenHVS 5a ***2nd22/May/10Daddyhole Main Cliff
The PearlHS 4a *2nd22/May/10Daddyhole Main Cliff
Nest EggS *2nd22/May/10Meadfoot Quarry
WogsHVD ***AltLd10/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Barn Owl CrackHVD *2nd10/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Green MantleD **2nd10/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Workers WallHS 4a 2nd03/May/10Sheeps Tor
Crack & ChimneyS *2nd03/May/10Sheeps Tor
Omega CrackVD Lead dnf03/May/10Sheeps Tor
DandelionS 4a 2nd03/May/10Sheeps Tor
Barking CrackVD 2nd03/May/10Sheeps Tor
Sheltered CrackVD Lead03/May/10Sheeps Tor
Climbers' Club OrdinaryVS 4b **2nd26/Apr/10The Dewerstone
LeviathanVS 4c ***2nd O/S??/Apr/10The Dewerstone
ScorpionHS 4b 2nd O/S??/Apr/10The Dewerstone
Caesar's NoseS 4a Lead??/Mar/10The Dewerstone
Reverse CleftS 4a Lead rpt11/Feb/10The Dewerstone
ClobVD Lead O/S05/Feb/10Bosigran
Wreckers' SlabVS 4b **2nd O/S08/Oct/09Cornakey Cliff
Reverse CleftS 4a 2nd24/Sep/09The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ButtressVD 2nd24/Sep/09The Dewerstone
VineyardVS 4b 2nd24/Sep/09The Dewerstone
The High TraverseVD 2nd17/Sep/09The Dewerstone
Colonel's AreteVD ***AltLd17/Sep/09The Dewerstone
Pinnacle Buttress DirectHS 4a 2nd17/Sep/09The Dewerstone
PortalS 4b 2nd20/Aug/09The Dewerstone
Church WindowVD Lead21/May/09Sennen
Church WindowVD Lead21/May/09Sennen
Colonel's CavortHS 4a AltLd02/May/09The Dewerstone
Raven GullyS 4a **Lead???/2009Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Central GrooveHS 4b ***2nd???/2009The Dewerstone
Route BHVD *Lead RP???/2009The Dewerstone
HayloftVS 4c AltLd???/2009Sennen
Mucky GullyD Solo???/2009The Dewerstone