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NameStyleDate Crag name
Miss SexyTR dog30/May/12Oakdale
Super-flyLead β30/May/12Oakdale
Wood LouseLead β30/May/12Oakdale
ShrewLead rpt23/May/12Tirpentwys
Yank my ChainLead rpt23/May/12Tirpentwys
Paw MeLead rpt23/May/12Tirpentwys
By deFault lineLead rpt23/May/12Tirpentwys
Ledge and BracesLead rpt23/May/12Tirpentwys
Left CornerSolo β19/May/12Box Bay
Wall ClimbLead β20/Apr/12Three Cliffs Bay
Initiation FlakeLead β20/Apr/12Three Cliffs Bay
Newton's AppleLead O/S17/Aug/11The Gap
The GodfatherLead dog17/Aug/11The Gap
Squash Match Direct FinishLead rpt03/Aug/11Navigation Quarry
Fly Me To The MoonLead O/S03/Aug/11Navigation Quarry
Ledge ClimbLead O/S15/Jun/11Trebanog
Sunday SwingLead O/S15/Jun/11Trebanog
JoLead O/S15/Jun/11Trebanog
Knackers yardLead β01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Wreckers ballLead β01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Sustainable DevelopmentLead β01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Landfill TaxLead O/S01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
Industrial SalvageLead O/S01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
All's WellLead O/S01/Jun/11Taffs Well West
The Grout Of San RomanoTR dog27/May/11The Gap
Poker In The EyeLead dog27/May/11The Gap
Marlin On The WallLead rpt27/May/11The Gap
Per RectumLead rpt27/May/11The Gap
As It IsLead rpt27/May/11The Gap
Kill the SuperheroesTR dog25/May/11Ridgeway
Analogue KidLead dog25/May/11Ridgeway
Powered by Cheese and HamLead β25/May/11Ridgeway
Chee Tor Girdle TraverseTR β15/May/11Box Bay
Jellyfish Tickler2nd rpt15/May/11Box Bay
Popeye2nd rpt15/May/11Box Bay
Peaceful Easy FeelingLead rpt15/May/11Box Bay
Sweet Pea SouperLead rpt15/May/11Box Bay
Great Corner2nd04/May/11Morlais Quarries
Wall Cracks2nd04/May/11Morlais Quarries
Top CatLead rpt04/May/11Morlais Quarries
Name GameLead rpt04/May/11Morlais Quarries
Razor StropLead dog03/May/11Mount Pleasant X1
The PoddlingLead rpt03/May/11Mount Pleasant X1
Aqua Mule ShowLead rpt03/May/11Mount Pleasant X1
Monkey BusinessLead O/S03/May/11Mount Pleasant X1
Trying Lines2nd02/May/11Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Gethsemane2nd02/May/11Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
SweynLead O/S02/May/11Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
EdenLead O/S02/May/11Fall Bay Buttress, King Wall,...
Out With The BoysLead O/S27/Apr/11Trebanog