125 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Sloping Ledge2nd β26/Aug/14The Whangie
Cat Crawl2nd dog24/Aug/14The Cobbler
Punster's Crack2nd β23/Aug/14The Cobbler
Demons & Dead Lizards2nd O/S17/Jul/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Lion2nd17/Jul/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Spirogyra2nd dog09/Jul/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Mastalgia2nd rpt09/Jul/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Mastalgia2nd dog11/Jun/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Cracked Arete2nd dog11/Jun/14Auchinstarry Quarry
Plocaig Rock2nd24/May/14Achnaha Buttress
RuthosaurusLead O/S29/Sep/13Kirrie Hill
StegosaurusLead O/S29/Sep/13Kirrie Hill
Grand Jurassic2nd O/S29/Sep/13Kirrie Hill
Screwless2nd O/S29/Sep/13Kirrie Hill
Kirrie on Regardless2nd O/S29/Sep/13Kirrie Hill
Route 22nd O/S21/Jul/13Scout Crags
Centipede2nd20/Jul/13Raven Crag (Langdale)
Frustration Wall2nd O/S14/Jul/13Loudoun Hill
Mantelshelf Wall2nd dog14/Jul/13Loudoun Hill
Pulpit Crack2nd dog14/Jul/13Loudoun Hill
Scream2nd O/S04/Jun/13Auchinstarry Quarry
Anarchist2nd O/S04/Jun/13Auchinstarry Quarry
Trundle2nd04/Jun/13Auchinstarry Quarry
Lion Rampant2nd dog21/May/13Limekilns
Red Flag2nd dog21/May/13Limekilns
Nosorog2nd dog28/Apr/13Paklenica Gorge
Austriaca Puro Latte2nd02/Sep/12Muro dell'Asino
Maggio CiondoloLead02/Sep/12Muro dell'Asino
GineproLead O/S02/Sep/12Muro dell'Asino
GineproLead O/S02/Sep/12Muro dell'Asino
Mucillero2nd O/S31/Aug/12Baone
Ally's in WonderlandLead O/S12/Aug/12Benny Beg
BeguileTR dog12/Aug/12Benny Beg
Benny's Black StreakTR dog12/Aug/12Benny Beg
Beg To DifferTR dog12/Aug/12Benny Beg
The BeggarTR O/S12/Aug/12Benny Beg
Lion2nd β08/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Lion Cub2nd β08/Aug/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Destiny Groove2nd O/S12/Jul/12Hawkcraig
Maureen2nd O/S12/Jul/12Hawkcraig
Guano2nd dog12/Jul/12Hawkcraig
Pain Pillar2nd O/S12/Jul/12Hawkcraig
Crusader2nd O/S12/Jul/12Hawkcraig
Ivy Crack2nd dog26/May/12The Whangie
Backstep Chimney2nd dog26/May/12The Whangie
Three Dishes MenuTR dog21/Oct/11Escalera Arabe
Hedera Grooves2nd dnf31/Jul/11Falcon Crags (Borrowdale)
Gillercombe Buttress2nd30/Jul/11Gillercombe
Trundle2nd O/S23/Jun/11Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky Lizard2nd O/S02/Jun/11Auchinstarry Quarry
Pulpit Arete2nd O/S30/Apr/11Loudoun Hill
Crack CornerLead O/S10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Polish Hangover2nd O/S10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Punk Rock2nd dnf10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Willie's Route2nd O/S10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
Curving Crack2nd dog10/Apr/11Neilston Quarry
WirewormLead O/S08/Apr/11Rosyth Quarry
Heathy2nd08/Apr/11Rosyth Quarry
The Waullie2nd dog08/Apr/11Rosyth Quarry
Chemical Warfare2nd dnf08/Apr/11Rosyth Quarry
C.N.D.2nd dnf08/Apr/11Rosyth Quarry
Curving Crack2nd dog03/Sep/10Neilston Quarry
Strawberry CrackLead O/S03/Sep/10Neilston Quarry
Pinkerton's CornerLead O/S03/Sep/10Neilston Quarry
Kristeen's Crack2nd O/S03/Sep/10Neilston Quarry
Black Gold2nd O/S15/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Batman2nd dog15/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Tystie SlabLead O/S15/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Slanting CornerLead O/S14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Barrier Reiff2nd dog14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
MoonjellyLead O/S14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Sip From the Wine of Youth Again2nd O/S14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Descent CornerLead O/S14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
More Of The Same2nd O/S14/Aug/10Reiff - Roinn a'Mhill
Brigata Tridentina (VF)-28/Jul/10Torre Exner
Lagazuoi tunnels (VF)Solo O/S27/Jul/10Lagazuoi Piccolo
Via Maria/Mariakante2nd dog26/Jul/10Sass Pordoi
Via dei Pilastrini2nd O/S25/Jul/10Sella Towers
JezebelAltLd dog03/Jul/10Crag Lough
Route TwoLead O/S03/Jul/10Crag Lough
Mantelshelf Wall2nd O/S30/Jun/10Loudoun Hill
Quick Skive2nd dnf30/Jun/10Loudoun Hill
Gaucho2nd dog26/Jun/10Hawkcraig
Toerag's WallLead O/S26/Jun/10Hawkcraig
Forbidden Colours2nd dog05/Jun/10Limekilns
Humbug2nd O/S05/Jun/10Limekilns
Irony2nd dog31/May/10Quayfoot Buttress
Brown SlabsLead O/S30/May/10Shepherds Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle2nd O/S30/May/10Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Crescendo2nd O/S29/May/10Shepherds Crag
The WhangLead25/May/10Hawkcraig
Destiny Groove2nd O/S25/May/10Hawkcraig
Eureka2nd O/S25/May/10Hawkcraig
Parapet Route Direct Start2nd O/S22/May/10Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Flake Route2nd22/May/10Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Central Crack2nd22/May/10Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Alder2nd O/S22/May/10Glen Clova - Red Craigs area
Flake Wall2nd dog20/May/10The Quadrocks
Big CornerLead O/S20/May/10The Quadrocks
The Traverse2nd O/S20/May/10The Quadrocks
Anniversary OutingLead O/S09/May/10Crammag Head
Hourglass Slab2nd O/S09/May/10Crammag Head
Hourglass Slab2nd09/May/10Crammag Head
RazamatazzTR O/S08/May/10Crammag Head
The Ship's Cat2nd dog08/May/10Crammag Head
RazamatazzTR O/S08/May/10Crammag Head
Sabre Crack2nd dog05/May/10Craigmore
Ocean Patrol2nd O/S??/May/10Crammag Head
Slinky Lizard2nd dog11/Apr/10Auchinstarry Quarry
Ant Highway2nd???/2010Shepherds Crag
Red Flag2nd dog???/2010Limekilns
Col Rodella VF-???/2010Col Rodella
Chamonix2nd O/S13/Sep/09Shepherds Crag
Ant Highway2nd dog12/Sep/09Shepherds Crag
Troutdale Pinnacle Direct2nd O/S11/Jul/09Black Crag (Borrowdale)
Little Chamonix2nd dog10/Jul/09Shepherds Crag
Mr Men-???/2009Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky Lizard-???/2009Auchinstarry Quarry
Spirogyra-???/2009Auchinstarry Quarry
Cracked Arete-???/2009Auchinstarry Quarry
Mastalgia-???/2009Auchinstarry Quarry
The Original Route2nd??/Jul/08Raven Crag (Langdale)
Ivy Crack-??/Jun/08The Whangie
Crown of Thorns2nd O/S??/May/08Craig Ddu
Rib and Slab2nd O/S??/May/08Craig Ddu