Mark Leach on Mandela 1988
© Ian Horrocks

Recent Top Ascents

This page summarises all the hard ascents that have been logged in the UKC databases recently.

Trad climbs of E5 and above, Sport climbs of F7c and above and boulder problems of V9 and above are all listed here.

You can click on the name of the route to find out more on both the climber and on the route itself.

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Trad Climbing

Life Assurance (Burbage South Edge), E6
mark20, Sep 22
Disorderly Conduct (Reecastle Crag), E8
Andrew1, Sep 22
Disorderly Conduct (Reecastle Crag), E8
Hidden, Sep 22
Penal Servitude (Reecastle Crag), E5
Hidden, Sep 22
Depth Charge (Berry Head (The Old...), E5
John Mcshea, Sep 21
Star Wars: The Trilogy (Cheddar Gorge North), E7
Ellis Butler-Barker, Sep 21
Polaris (Blackers Hole), E5
Ed Babs, Sep 21
My Piano (Nesscliffe), E8
Hidden, Sep 21
Tombola (Nesscliffe), E7
vertigo714, Sep 21
The Vanishing (Fishermans Ledge...), E5
Patrick Hill, Sep 21
The Vanishing (Fishermans Ledge...), E5
olly12344, Sep 21
Sunshine Superman (Meikle Ross), E5
Alex Riley, Sep 21
Spacewalk (Aonach Dubh, East...), E5
Fultonius, Sep 21
Spacewalk (Aonach Dubh, East...), E5
westaway, Sep 21
Artless (Froggatt Edge), E5
Matthew Ferrier, Sep 21
Greedy Pig (Froggatt Edge), E5
dannyboy83, Sep 21
Noah's Ark (Craig Cwm Glas Bach), E6
Hidden, Sep 21
Warpath (Rhoscolyn), E5
papashango, Sep 20
White Hope (Garbh Bheinn, South...), E5
Andrew Nelson, Sep 20
Le Mans (Lundy), E5
Tom Livingstone, Sep 20
Cockblock (Clogwyn y Grochan), E5
Hidden, Sep 19
The Karma Mechanic (Anglezarke Quarry), E6
Hidden, Sep 19
Please Lock Me Away (Anglezarke Quarry), E5
Hidden, Sep 19
Booby Prize (Gull Rock - Marsland), E6
Luke Dawson, Sep 19
The Rebellion (Glen Shian), E6
Hidden, Sep 18
Olympica (Lundy), E5
Tom Livingstone, Sep 18
Right Wall (Dinas Cromlech), E5
Joughton, Sep 17
Psychic Threshold (Castell y Gwynt), E5
Rich Kirby, Sep 17
Trouble in Toytown (Nesscliffe), E5
SafetyAndy, Sep 17
The Cullinan (Lundy), E5
Tom Livingstone, Sep 17

Sport Climbing

An Uneasy Peace (Malham Cove), 7c+
adamjeffs, Sep 22
The Link (Tom Riach Boulder), 7c
gaz.marshall, Sep 22
Right-Hand Man (Cheddar Gorge North), 8a
LucasHarazin, Sep 22
The Green Alternative (Raven Tor (Miller's...), 7c+
Hidden, Sep 21
Highway (Dinbren Crags), 8a
andy farnell, Sep 21
The Death Star (Cheddar Gorge North), 8c
Ellis Butler-Barker, Sep 21
Air Rage (Kilnsey), 7c
thebigfriendlymoose, Sep 21
Cry of Despair (Chee Dale Lower), 7c
MischaHY, Sep 21
Trouble with Rubble (Stoney Middleton), 8a
mark20, Sep 21
Obscene Gesture (Raven Tor (Miller's...), 7c
peaches69, Sep 21
Chimes of Freedom (Raven Tor (Miller's...), 8a+
peaches69, Sep 21
Weedkiller/Chimes Link (Raven Tor (Miller's...), 8b
peaches69, Sep 21
Let the Tripe Increase (Water-cum-Jolly), 7c
Gus, Sep 21
Body Machine Direct (Raven Tor (Miller's...), 7c+
Daniel Heath, Sep 21
Fornicator Simulator (Cheddar Gorge South), 8a
brices, Sep 21
Pierrepoint (Gordale Scar), 7c+
Rob Greenwood - UKC, Sep 21
Kill Bill 2 (Cala Barques), 7c
quiffhanger, Sep 21
Turkey Lurking (Foxhole Cove), 7c
chrisscutt, Sep 21
Kestrel (Minchen Hole), 7c+
Ramon Marin, Sep 21
Kill Bill 2 (Cala Barques), 7c
i_a_coops, Sep 21
Under Arrest (Ram Grove Crag,...), 7c
marric, Sep 20
We Come in Fear (Giggleswick North), 7c
C coldwell-storry, Sep 20
Divine Sunset (Giggleswick North), 7c+
wintermute, Sep 20
Kleptomania (Giggleswick North), 8a
wintermute, Sep 20
Space Invaders (Malham Cove), 7c+
adamjeffs, Sep 20
Baboo-Baboo (Malham Cove), 8a
adamjeffs, Sep 20
Black Snake Moan (Brean Down), 8a
brices, Sep 20
Comedy (Kilnsey), 7c
Newham, Sep 20
Arch Enemies (Dovedale), 7c+
kristian, Sep 20
Little Weed (Llanymynech Quarry), 7c
Hidden, Sep 20


Under the Bridge SS (Pantymwyn (Devil's...), f7C
doylo, Sep 22
Corridors of power (Obedience Boulders), f8A
bfreeman, Sep 21
Barrel Traverse (Dinas Mot), V9
Hidden, Sep 21
Tachyon (Sampson's Stones), f7C
peewee2008, Sep 20
Quark Star (Sampson's Stones), f7C
peewee2008, Sep 20
Sol (St. Bees Head), f7C+
Hidden, Sep 19
Mind The Gap (Oxwich Quarry), f7C+
Hidden, Sep 18
Hueco Blues (Mellunmäki), f7C
Eärendel F., Sep 17
Ben's Roof Extension Start (Raven Tor (Miller's...), f8A
Hidden, Sep 16
bus stop (Cromlech boulders), V9
eazyclimbing, Sep 15
Ferrino Sans Pocket (Parisella's Cave), V11
peewee2008, Sep 14
Peckitt's Traverse (Biblins Cave), f7C
Hidden, Sep 14
Jerry's Roof (Cromlech boulders), f7C
Hidden, Sep 14
The Crimps (High Rocks), f7C
GrahamGiles, Sep 14
Fat Cat Roof (Dinas Rock), f7C
CA1289, Sep 14
Fat Cat Roof + Fyfe Extension (Dinas Rock), f7C
con321, Sep 14
bus stop (Cromlech boulders), V9
Hidden, Sep 14
Fat Cat Roof (Dinas Rock), f7C
Connoor, Sep 14
The Keel (Almscliff), f7C
Newham, Sep 14
Coronary Bypass (Edlingham), f7C
Alison2, Sep 13
Nazgul's Traverse (Rhiw Goch Boulders), f7C
dale 42, Sep 13
Roof Of A Baby Buddha (Maes Newyddion Woods), V10
westyb3, Sep 12
Rainbow Rocket (Franchard Sablons), f8A
Shane Willis, Sep 12
The groove (Bacon Hole), f7C+
Hidden, Sep 11
Taylor Made Footless (Dinas Rock), f8A
AshWH, Sep 11
Mega Ten Reclimbed (Dinas Rock), f8A
AshWH, Sep 11
Ben's Roof (Raven Tor (Miller's...), f7C+
gcarmichael, Sep 10
Candy Kaned (Squirrel Buttress), f7C
Hidden, Sep 10
7th Chamber (Tremerchion), f7C+
doylo, Sep 9
Tears of the Angels (Biblins Cave), f7C+
BenNorman, Sep 9