UK Winter Conditions

This Winter Conditions page gives a summary of what is being climbed at the moment, what is 'in' nick and what the prospects are. All the winter climbs done by users in their UKC climbing logbooks over the past 5 days are shown - click on the route name to find details of all the recent ascents, the map shows the locations of the crags where routes are being done.

There is also a summary of the 'condition' threads on the Winter Forum, including those by the UKC Area Correspondents. At the base of the page are winter photos taken over the same period.

The top recent routes climbed are on the Recent Top Ascents page.

Recent Winter climbs

Devils Kitchen (Cwm Idwal) - Winter Gwynedd

Idwal Stream (II/III 4) on Fri 26th

Hutaple Crag Cumbria

Far West Rib (III) on Sat 27th
Western Avenue (III) on Sat 27th