The works at the Works

by Mick Ryan Dec/2006
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Three Dudes
A big shindig goes down in Sheffield tomorrow at the newly opened bouldering wall, The Works. In the morning of Saturday, 9th December will be the British Bouldering Team Trials.

After lunch, at around 2.30pm will be the official opening of The Works by Richard Caborn (the Minister for Sport), the lady Mayoress of Sheffield, Joe Simpson and Leo Houlding (somebody must be well connected to get Leo there!)

After this will be the final of the British Bouldering Team Trials which should finish around 7pm.

Then it's party party party at the "Workstation to get lashed*." Not sure who is doing the whipping but musak is being supplied by Danny K, Dizzy 9, DJ Eurosafe and Craig Smith until 2am. Tickets for the lashing are £2.50 and doors are open to the climbing community at 9.30pm. Full details at at their website here

*lashed adjective, British informal, "all eager to get lashed and start their week off with a hangover"

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This news story has been read 862 times
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