UIAA Climbing camp in Arwa valley

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As part of the UN International Year of the Mountains, the UIAA are running a 'climbing camp' in the Arwa valley, Garhwal Himalaya (India) this autumn.

The camp is a month long (15 September to 15 October) and costs just US$2,680, which includes everything apart from transport to Delhi and your insurance.

An instructional element is also included, as they have a number of senior instructors from various Alpine organisations. Participants just need some basic Alpine mountaineering experience. After 1 1/2 weeks 'training', participants will be divided into groups to attempt the following peaks:

  • Mana Peak (7273m)
  • Kalindi Peak (6070m)
  • Arwa Tower (6352m)

    For more info email: adventure@vsnl.com

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    This news story has been read 602 times
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