Carlo Traversi Repeats Jade - Font 8B+/8C

by Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC May/2010
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+Carlo Traversi - Jade - Screen Shot from Video on, 119 kb
Carlo Traversi - Jade - Screen Shot from Video on
UKC News, May 2010

Jade, the steep and crimpy boulder problem in Rocky Mountain National Park, USA has seen its seventh ascent from young boulderer Carlo Traversi.

The problem, initially graded V15/Font 8C and regarded as one of the hardest problems in the USA was first climbed by Daniel Woods in 2007.

In an interview on, Carlo spoke about the grade and his suggested downgrade to V14:

You mentioned that crimps aren't your thing, and that's how Jade climbs. Any other reason you'd downgrade it to a V14?
I hadn't climbed V14 yet, and it seemed like the logical next step for me as far as difficulty. It made sense to call it the next step up. I guess maybe if I'd climbed something in my own style, I could skip two grades potentially, but not necessarily with something that doesn't fit my style.

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This news story has been read 5,120 times
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