Santa Linya 8c+ for Gaz Parry

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Dec/2011
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Gaz Parry, 69 kbGaz Parry
© Jon Mayo
British climber Gaz Parry has climbed his first 8c+ sport route with an ascent of Blomu at Santa Linya, Spain.

He commented on his scorecard:

"1st of the grade. Psyched."

In the last month he has also climbed two other 8cs at Santa Linya; The Rollito Sharma Extension and Fabelita.

You can read more about Santa Linya in the UKC Logbooks.

The awesome cave of Santa Linya, 229 kbThe awesome cave of Santa Linya
© Jack Geldard

Gaz Parry is sponsored by DMM , Boreal and Beta Climbing Designs .

Follow Gaz through his coaching and holidays website:


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This has been read 6,275 times