VIDEO: Oli Grounsell - The Zone (E9) - With Falls

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Mar/2013
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Oli Grounsell has made a headpoint repeat of The Zone (E9 6c) at Curbar in the Peak District.

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+Oli Grounsell on The Zone (E9 6c), Curbar, 203 kb
Oli Grounsell on The Zone (E9 6c), Curbar
UKC News, Mar 2013
© Guy Van Greuning (Still from video)

The route was first climbed by John Arran and has seen numerous repeats over the past decade.

Oli took a couple of falls on to tensioned down skyhooks before his successful ascent.

He commented on his blog:

"It was between these blizzards that I climbed The Zone in cool march sunshine. It all went so smoothly in the end, like it always does. Didn't have any expectations when I woke up to the tundra that morning, so it was even better to eventually do it. So good to top out, but as I topped out I almost wished I was still on the crux, as the process was at the end of the day, good fun."

All the action is captured in this video:

Oli Grounsell is sponsored by Mammut and V12 OUTDOOR


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This news story has been read 10,196 times
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