Long Hope Repeated - McHaffie and Bransby

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor May/2013
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James McHaffie and Ben Bransby have repeated the Long Hope Route on St John's Head, Hoy, Scotland, making the second free ascent of this long and difficult sandstone trad route.

James visited the area last year in less than perfect conditions, but still managed to redpoint the crux headwall pitch in isolation, but couldn't climb the whole route due to poor weather.

This year he returned and partnered with Ben Bransby, the pair managed a successful lead of the entire route on Saturday the 25th of May. James made very quick work of the crux pitch last year,  and this year seems no different.

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+The Long Hope Route - Topo, 209 kb
The Long Hope Route - Topo
UKC News, Jul 2011
© Photo: Mark Reeves, Topo: Jack Geldard

+James McHaffie in Margalef, Spain, 116 kb
James McHaffie in Margalef, Spain
Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC, Aug 2011
© Jack Geldard
James told UKC:

"I took one fall on the crux reach. I pulled the ropes and did it next try. I'd only been on the crux once the day before, and I could have done with a rest day, but we had a weather window. It's an amazing route, and there are tons of empty crags up here."

More information to come when the guys return from their Scottish road trip.

James McHaffie is sponsored by Arc'teryx, DMM , Sterling Rope and Five Ten

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This news story has been read 13,740 times
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