D13 FA at The Works for Greg Boswell

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Nov/2013
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+Greg Boswell mid-crux on his new D13, Powerdab, The Works, 116 kb
Greg Boswell mid-crux on his new D13, Powerdab, The Works
UKC News, Nov 2013
© Douglass Russell

Greg Boswell has just added a hard new drytooling route to the Lake District dry tooling venue, the Works. Greg named the route Powerdab, grading it D13, making it only the second route of its grade in the country. 

Greg was prompted to head down to the Works, as Andy Turner had organised a meet at the venue with the country's top mixed and winter climbers to discuss who would be interested in joining him at the Ice World Cup. Although not something he had ever considered before, Greg decided to head down for a fun weekend of climbing with a group of psyched climbers if nothing else. 

Greg first bolted the line last autumn with Paddy Cave but only briefly tried it. Greg talked about the route in more detail on his blog:

"It is a 20 meter route that follows a very steep roof line. The moves are big and powerful, and if you mess up the crux sequence, you fall worryingly close to the ground (potentially hit it on rope stretch)."

Greg topping out on the first ascent of Powerdab
UKC News, Nov 2013
© Douglass Russell

Incredibly, Greg climbed the route on his second try of his first session this year, having fallen off the crux on his warm-up go of the day. Greg commented on the grading of the line, which at D13 is one of two at this grade in the country:

"Having only ever climbed one other D13 before, and it was my own route “Frankenstein” in Newtyle, it was hard to grade “Powerdab”, especially when they are both so different in character. But I settled on D13 (knowing it was much harder than “DTS Spirit”) and that makes this route the second D13 in the UK and potentially one of the hardest tooling routes in the country."

Here is a video by James Dunn of Greg on Powerdab:


Greg Boswell is sponsored by: Deuter, Grivel, Lorpen, Outdoor Research, Scarpa and Ski Trab

Forums ( Read More... | 86 comments, 11 Nov 2013 )
I have to say to you, what the hell are you on about?! Go on then, go and climb it and get a video of you doing it as easy as Greg makes it look and I'll bow down to your ludicrous post. Why do you have to discredit...
ernieb182 - 11 Nov 2013

I completely agree, It's a cool vid and a wicked looking route, I've personally never done any style of climbing involving axes and this, to me, looks completely impossible! But it's a good watch and an awesome...
McKEuan - 11 Nov 2013

I feel so much pity for any person who feels the need to discredit another's achievement in this way. It must be so hard to live with the discontentment of their own life, and to deal with the envy when others do...
mhairi thorburn - 10 Nov 2013

It looks boring, It's a bit like watching someone in the gym practising pull ups... on jugs. He is strong and there is skill in it but far less than any other type of climbing I can think of. A lot of people seem to...
icklejason - 10 Nov 2013

To the guy who's complainging about Greg doing easy stuff, here's Nick Bullock's blog of what him and Greg are doing at the moment: http://nickbullock-climber.co.uk/2013/11/08/the-maul-on-wedge/ Oh and Greg? If that...
mattrm - 08 Nov 2013

I guess that's what's happening now but maybe that's taking a short term view of things, rather than thinking about future generations. I bet that 70 degree roof could be climbed with correctly drilled / angled...
ian Ll-J - 08 Nov 2013

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