Avalanche Service to Pilot Torridon Forecasts

by Dan Bailey - UKHillwalking.com Nov/2013
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Good news for winter hillwalkers and climbers: This season the Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) are planning to trial a new avalanche forecast for Torridon, for limited periods from December to February.   

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+Liathach. Crossing the Northern Pinnacles, 233 kb
Liathach. Crossing the Northern Pinnacles
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Winter mountaineers in the northwest Highlands have always needed a strong streak of self reliance. While the SAIS has provided detailed daily avalanche forecasts for five main climbing areas further south and east (Glen Coe, Lochaber, Creag Meagaidh, Northern Cairngorms and Southern Cairngorms) this is the first time that the service has expanded its coverage north of the Great Glen - where conditions can often be totally different. As a fairly small area with a concentration of popular winter climbing,Torridon is an obvious candidate for SAIS forecasts.   
A pilot SAIS Avalanche Information report for the Torridon area will commence on 24th December 2013, and will then run for limited periods during the winter (24-29 Dec 2013, then 1-5 Jan, 10-12 Jan, 31 Jan - 2 Feb, and 14 - 22 Feb).
But as the SAIS point out, this is no substitute for taking personal responsibility: 
'We would also recommend... [that] [a]valanche hazard considerations should always be part of any winter hill goers daily plans and we would recommend that climbers, walkers and off-piste skiers currently venturing into the hills, continue to note snow and weather conditions in respect of any potential avalanche hazard. Be prepared to modify your plans accordingly.'
Meanwhile, daily forecasts for the five main areas start for the season on 12 December.

Forums ( Read More... | 13 comments, 08 Nov 2013 )
Surely its not the case that the NW is less of a honeypot area just because of a lack of conditions reports? Folk who want to go up there will likely do so anyhow. More do do with being further to travel for most people...
Siward - 08 Nov 2013

Is the NW to most people Liathach / Beinn Eighe? This is probably the busiest spot so it would make sense to cencentrate forces there. It really isnt rocket science to work out condidions in these places and it is...
James Edwards - 08 Nov 2013

Yep so this will provide conditions reports but the SAIS service is about providing climbers with the tools to get out safely and if you want to serve the maximum number of climbers and enhance the safety of the most...
Richard Baynes - 07 Nov 2013

Not to sound too negative, but i think the north west has a certain allure in the winter that appeals to those willing to 'go and look', owing to it's popularity and lack of specific snow condition reports/blogs. It...
peter.herd - 07 Nov 2013

I'm not sure that an expansion of SAIS wouldn't be better to take in the Southern Highlands. Most people extrapolate from the Glen Coe forecast, but there can be differences between there and south of Rannoch Moor, and...
Richard Baynes - 07 Nov 2013

This news story has been read 1,958 times
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