FRI NIGHT VID: John Gill Exercising at 76 Years Old

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Nov/2013
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For those that don't know, John Gill is a famous American climber. He started bouldering in the mid 1950's and is widely credited with being the first person to start using gymnastic chalk to aid climbing. His problems of that time were legendary, as were his feats of strength such as the one arm front lever.

Today John Gill is 76 years old and still enjoys exercising. Watch him in action. John you are an inspiration. Thanks.

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Splendid stuff. I was just looking at Master of Rock recently and idly looking up a few of the problems (I always liked the way most of the book was written in an ungraded climbing world,'just the moves') but blummin...
SteveRi - 24 Nov 2013

Perhaps one should point out that Gill was showing off a bit in those videos? His technique and footwork were actually exceptional. He has, for instance, a no-handed problem on Falling Ant Slab at the Jenny Lake...
rgold - 24 Nov 2013

I read about John Gill in the late 70s and his forte was his phenomenal arm strength. This comes through in the latest footage but he also uses his feet to provide mementum for his arm movements. In contrast the old...
keith-ratcliffe - 23 Nov 2013

John Gill is a fabulous inspiration to all of us. I remember seeing photos of him doing one *finger* pull-ups, and being astonished at that strength. As for footwork though, as Don Whillans said: 'Give me the...
Rob Parsons - 22 Nov 2013

Thank you for putting this up. In his prime, Gill seemed able to hold body tension positions that few world-class climbers could manage today. I can only put this down to gymnastic power/co-ordination. Obviously time...
Mick Ward - 22 Nov 2013

This news story has been read 7,493 times
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