FRI NI VID: Bransby on Parthian Shot and Cook on New Statesman

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Dec/2013
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We recently interviewed Ben Bransby on his ascent of Parthian Shot (read all the details HERE).

Now the BMC have sent us this excellent video. They say:

"Watch Ben Bransby make the first ascent of Parthian Shot since the infamous "shipwreck of a flake" was damaged. A great short film, jointly produced by Ben Pritchard and Nick Brown."

We thought it was a brilliant video - excellent work Nick Brown and Ben Pritchard.

Also continuing the gritstone theme is this great video - Jacob Cook climbing The New Statesman at Ilkley.


Ben is sponsored by: DMM, Evolv and prAna

Jacob Cook is sponsored by: Edelweiss and Scarpa

Forums ( Read More... | 27 comments, 11 Dec 2013 )
Not that I'm aware of, makes you wonder if something's fallen off the normal start. Although, that jump start looks harder to me. Shame they couldn't follow him in with the camera like in that Bourne Ultimatum stunt, or...
Mark Collins - 09 Dec 2013

Watching this again I reckon that the lack of music coupled with the camera angle on the foot swap help to ratchet up the tension. It has the effect of putting you right there at the crag, and almost in the position of...
Duck Egg - 08 Dec 2013

Cripes that foot swap was tense and that was just to watch, amazing! vids like that, with insight are what we need more of! Cripes that foot swap was tense and that was just to watch, amazing! more vids like that...
Rassapotimus - 08 Dec 2013

Wow ..... awesome footage .... (Sorry Jacob ... Only watched the Parthian bit .....)...... How scary was that ??? full respect to Caff and Ben .... Just how close were you to pinging off Ben during that 'foot swap'...
Grinning Donkey - 07 Dec 2013

Pretty sure you're right. If I remember correctly Seb does a drop knee thing and sort of swings his right hand into the pocket. Perhaps it's a height thing, Seb's fairly tall sin't he? and Ben is shorter in stature?
remus - 06 Dec 2013

Blinkin'flip...that top bit looks steeper than it usually does on video of previous ascents? Is it me, or is this a slightly different sequence to Johnny Dawes on Stone Monkey and (I think?) Seb Grieve? I am sure they...
Nic - 06 Dec 2013

This news story has been read 8,091 times
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