GB Bouldering Team Loses £8000 - You Can Help

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Mar/2014
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The GB Bouldering Team are appealing for funds to allow them to compete in the 2014 Word Cup series. The GB team have had some excellent results in the last few years and here at UKC we are supporting the team with their goal to raise £8,000.

Due to financial difficulties, the main sponsor of the team has pulled out at the last minute, leaving them £8,000 short of the cash they need to travel to the competitions.

The team commented:

"We are appealing to your generous nature to help our athletes attend the IFSC World Cup events in 2014. Due to a last minute loss of financial support, our plans for this year have been scuppered...

The team has suffered a last minute loss of funding due to our main sponsor having financial problems of it’s own. Our funding has effectively been cut in half and with 6 weeks until the first event in China, things are looking tricky. Our budget was reduced by £8,000 due to this last minute change and so that is the amount we are trying to raise."

What will your donations pay for?

"Donations will help towards travel costs for the team. Doing the season requires numerous international flights, train fares, hotel stays, visa payments etc. The money we raise here will directly finance getting them to the starting line."

What does the 2014 season look like?

"The 2014 season takes our athletes around the world…literally. Our journey begins in China and from there we will travel to Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the USA, back to China, France and then we finish with the World Championships in Munich. Quite a season and, as you can guess, quite hard to finance!"

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+Shauna Coxsey competing for Team GB, 122 kb
Shauna Coxsey competing for Team GB
UKC News, Mar 2014
© Heiko Wilhelm / Rockfax are proud to support the GB Team and have donated 42 guidebooks as rewards, as well as hard cash. We are also giving this fund prominent advertising space on UKC, and will be reporting on all the bouldering events as they happen.

Forums ( Read More... | 62 comments, 06 Apr 2014 )
So you both mean it and it's an april fools joke. Your right to voice your opinion means that you can belittle something people care about but they can't voice their opinion that you're a dick for doing so.
@ndyM@rsh@ll - 06 Apr 2014

Good point. The sponsor was Lonsdale China Googling reveals nothing about Lonsdale China let alone its financial/legal relationship with Lonsdale Sports Limited or...
shark - 06 Apr 2014

Bad news and I do hope this approach works for them. I am, however, intrigued how a sponsor can suddenly "pull out". In my professional experience, any credible and well engineered sponsorship agreement is...
plyometrics - 06 Apr 2014

And I am told I don't know what bouldering competitions are like! Chamonix isn't just the ordinary route on Mont Blanc. Living near Fontainebleau I think I know as much as any what bouldering is about, it's the formal...
Bruce Hooker - 06 Apr 2014

The moment routes got graded climbing was made competitive. That was a long time ago. Whether you choose to see climbing as on a spectrum or separate sports is neither her nor there. From what I understand you can rock...
shark - 06 Apr 2014

I've never understood the fear climbers have regarding competition, or rather formal competition, cos climbing has always been competitive. Magazines in the 80s told us it would be the end of climbing as we know it....
Chris the Tall - 05 Apr 2014

This news story has been read 9,433 times
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