FRI NIGHT VID: Dani Arnold Speed Solos Crack Baby (WI6)

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Apr/2014
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In this week's Friday Night Vid Swiss climber Dani Arnold solos the 8 pitch Kandersteg Ice test-piece of Crack Baby (WI6) in just 27 minutes and 13 seconds...! Gulp!

Dani is the chap who speed soloed the Eiger in record time and did a couple of routes in Scotland... He's pretty handy!

Dani Arnold speed soloing Crack Baby (WI6)
UKC News, Apr 2014
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Dani Arnold is sponsored by: Adidas Eyewear, Exped, Mammut, Petzl and Victorinox

Forums ( Read More... | 11 comments, 06 Apr 2014 )
Really disappointing video of some impressive ice climbing. Look at this recent photo for an idea of what soloing this route entails: The Jacopo Larcher film is...
Michael Simpson - 05 Apr 2014

Tru' dat cuz. Actually it was about 5 minutes to climb 20 mtrs. So if Crack Baby was WI2/3 instead of 6, I could have maybe done the first pitch by the time Dani was topping out of pitch 8....
TobyA - 04 Apr 2014

Yeah, but us punters take 27 minutes to climb a 20m route. This guy did 350m in that time, which still makes it nearly 10x faster than your double normal speed vid ;) Surely there's got to be more than 2 second snips...
Mr Lopez - 04 Apr 2014

Sort of, but I was editing some video of myself ice climbing recently and came to the conclusion that a) watching ice climbing normally is pretty boring; but b) watching ice climbing at double normal speed and with some...
TobyA - 04 Apr 2014

This news story has been read 5,102 times
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