FRI NIGHT VID: Reclimbing the Classics Episode 1: Hyaena, 8b+

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor May/2014
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This week's Friday Nighter is the first episode of an interesting series of videos from Mammut - Reclimbing the Classics - in which their sponsored climbers revisit some of the most important sport routes of Europe's history.

We know that Action Directe (9a) is going to feature at some point, and there is an image of Jerry Moffat too, which of his routes is coming up?

But this first episode sees Austrian power house Jakob Schubert climbing the Italian classic route of Hyaena in Finale Ligura. Finale is a superb and classic venue right by the sea in Italy, and the old village is often busy with climbers, and is a great winter sun destination, alongside the nearby Oltra Finale (covered in this UKC destination article).

Here's the video:


Forums ( Read More... | 11 comments, 19 May 2014 )
Hi Jimmy - I'm an old git who has never left the lake district and considers it a 'good day' if i get up VS, so i'm not quite sure what the skinny chap in the first video is doing - i'm sure its all a lot of fun but...
MFB - 19 May 2014

Are you really comparing that example to a RP of Action Directe? I want to see how the moves all flow together - as though I was there watching. I don't want action replays of every move. I can watch it again later if...
JimmyKay - 19 May 2014

Class. Wish they'd show them climbing the route unedited though. The camera angle from above on action directe is awesome. Class. Wish they'd show then climbing the route unedited though. The camera angle from above...
JimmyKay - 18 May 2014 And the full list of routes that are going to feature: 1986 Hyaena 8b+, Gallo/Schubert 1991 Action Directe 9a, Güllich/Hojer 1986 La Rose et la Vampire 8b, Menestrel/Stöhr...
Niels - 16 May 2014

This news story has been read 7,190 times
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