The man that follows Hell, 9a+, in five tries by Megos

by Björn Pohl - UKC May/2014
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+Alexander Megos, 59 kb
Alexander Megos
Björn Pohl - UKC, May 2014
© Megos coll.

Alexander Megos has made the 3rd ascent, after Markus Bock and Adam Ondra, of The man that follows Hell, ~9a+, at Grüne Hölle, Frankenjura.

Hell yeah! Today I followed the "man that follows hell"(9a+)!!! Took me 1,5h to get in there... and it was pretty hot too... Glad it just took me 5 attempts to pass the gateway to hell :)

This is the 5th 9th grade route Alex makes quick work of in the last month.
- Action directe
- Matador
- Black Label
- The Essential
- The man that follows hell

He also made a 4th go ascent of Manuel Brunn's Kawaschuwu, ~8c+, which according to Alex could as well be 9a.

Working his way through the hard routes in Frankenjura looks like a very deliberate plan of Alex':

Jep, everything is part of the plan. The plan of getting stronger ;)

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Blue Water Ropes, DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia and Tenaya

Forums ( Read More... | 3 comments, 21 May 2014 )
WOW!!! Bouldery 9a+ in 5 tries. Wouldn't be surprised if he made quick work of some of the 9bs in Spain when the weather gets colder. For me the best in the world right now. His style is super smooth and every time I...
jamesprieston1980 - 21 May 2014

Stirling effort from Megos! That's a ridiculous tick list he's putting together out there. Sounds like his experiences echo Adam's: Adam Ondra returned to Frankenjura and made a very fast repeat of Markus Bock´s route...
orge - 21 May 2014

This news story has been read 5,774 times
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