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Here are some Top 10's for the UKC photo galleries for the week from 07/Sep/14 to 14/Sep/14. This week we had 1,920 votes for 495 photos by 289 different users (previous weeks or previous years). The 'ranking' is calculated from the average rating of photos in each gallery, as well as the total number of votes made.

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Racing the sunrise on the Kuffner arete
© Jon Griffith
 PositionTop 10 PhotosGallery VotesRanking
1+ +1Racing the sunrise on the Kuffner areteJon Griffith 2323.2
2+The 'London Wall of Lundy' starts to hurt.Andy Moles 1321.6
3+ +2Bouldering at sunset on Noirmoutiers islandYves006 1921.2
4+Bamford perfection - Monday solitudeChris Craggs 2220.7
5+Chris on the Frendo. I uploaded a panoramic version of this...planetmarshall 1920.7
6+ +1On the crux of Mondviole.James Rushforth 1420.2
7+Which Way Now?Dan Arkle 1619.6
8+Going SupernovaAndy Moles 1519.6
9+Top of the world on the Aiguille Dibonard20 1419.6
10+Ryan Pasquill on EvolutionNJBrown 819.2

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Nightsoloing at Stanage
Dan Arkle, Dec 2008
 Top 10 PhotosGallery VotesRanking
1Nightsoloing at StanageDan Arkle 69744.4
2El Capitan, YosemiteChrisJD 57644.1
3On the Kuffner at sunrise with an inversion just belowJon Griffith 39842.8
410 seconds is never enoughMr Lopez 38042.6
5Weissmies Summit Aretet8t9t8 34041.4
6First ice screw 45441.1
7Gavin Pike and Yoshiko Mayasaki on Left Edge at sunrise. Jorasses in...Jon Griffith 31841.0
8Emergance willcopestake 30640.9
9In condition? Leaving the axes at home for a winter ascent of...alex 36940.7
10Rob on Gargoyle Wall, Ben Nevisnick carter 42440.4
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Top 10 Galleries this week (07/Sep/14 to 14/Sep/14)
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Seamstress at work
© Fraser, Jul 2014
 PositionTop 10 Galleries PhotosVotesRanking
1+Fraser 1811724.5
2+planetmarshall 65824.5
3+Mr Lopez 53424.4
4+Jon Griffith 62824.1
5+NJBrown 54722.6
6+James Rushforth 51921.2
7- -6Simon4 51717.2
8+configureeight 63116.9
9+m296mux 118016.8
10+timmy a 53016.5

Top 10 Galleries on site
Taking into account all votes up to 14/Sep/14.

Will Sim having a no hands rest in the Grotto, the outline of a person below
© Jon Griffith
 Top 10 Galleries PhotosVotesRanking
1Jon Griffith 1377,53055.6
2Dan Arkle 834,12149.9
3Mike421 912,86448.9
4Alastair Lee 321,78547.3
5Mr Lopez 941,91446.7
6jamiemoss 1404,98546.4
7Alexandre Buisse 451,41745.7
8radson 581,41045.0
9SeanB 511,62344.7
10alex 683,76844.7
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Top 10 Voters this week (07/Sep/14 to 14/Sep/14)
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 PositionTop 10 Voters This weekLast week
1+ +1Mark Collins ? 198163
2- -1DGY ? 167295
3+alastairbegley ? 148 
4+ +1John Stainforth ? 11265
5+ +9mac fae stirling ? 9326
6- -3USBRIT ? 92139
7=baby ? 7952
8+ +9m dunn ? 4520
9- -5Fraser ? 35103
10- -1Simon4 ? 3340