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This is the place for all discussions relating to cameras and outdoor photography. Discuss the latest digital camera or have long discussions over the merits of one of the many thousands of photographs in the UKC Photo Galleries. Please use the For Sale Forum for selling your camera gear.
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self portraits and remote controls622920-Aug-14
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Album of hold designing process426617-Aug-14
London with Cameras 6th Sept. -12017-Aug-14
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Fantasy Camera, build the perfect camera.2142313-Aug-14
Best sub-100 quid digital compact?1235212-Aug-14
Advanced Compacts261,22112-Aug-14
Pretty amazing time-lapse from the ISS219912-Aug-14
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Sensor & lens cleaning video.214811-Aug-14
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Central Groove at The Dewerstone!321,32903-Aug-14
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Cheapish waterproof camera with decent image quality?1037421-Jul-14
Top hill Photo thanks to all that voted536520-Jul-14
I've sold (virtually) all my Canon kit and gone all in on Fuji161,28916-Jul-14
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