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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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ice ice ice chimpers437231-Oct-13
Ice ToolsTony5001253730-Oct-13
New to Nottingham - Where to top ropeLord Nemis327830-Oct-13
New Climber looking for a regular climbing partner in LiverpoolAzzabhoy214329-Oct-13
Is it ever to late to start trad climbingTony500301,74529-Oct-13
Pull ups?Simos844,69227-Oct-13
Great footwork exercises?Simos2185527-Oct-13
Knot in end of abseil rope, not joiningSCrossley281,71424-Oct-13
How/where to find cheap climbing shoesChilli Bee1358122-Oct-13
Noob question - is chalk necessary for all?Simos321,78421-Oct-13
Questions about 'silent feet'Simos221,54121-Oct-13
Fitness tips for nearly fiftyFirestarter978220-Oct-13
Strength Plateau and TendonitisSimos2099218-Oct-13
Anyone climb at Kilnworx???WiseManDave425017-Oct-13
Top rope setup Qs - static rope or extending slingsbadgerjockey1882416-Oct-13
Pregnancy climbing, skiing and instructingbumpy151,04016-Oct-13
climbing with soft tissue damage & swollen hand/fingerfayeness326615-Oct-13
Best club to join in the midlands for a noobHelios71641014-Oct-13
Climbing coaching?MrsSeychelles1263313-Oct-13
female indoor buddy birminghamMinky87462411-Oct-13
Worn slings on hexesFirestarter181,26105-Oct-13
fear of falling while boulderingDandelion558305-Oct-13
Tip for a Noobchrisa87231,75205-Oct-13
Alpine ClimbingDanbow73451102-Oct-13
Abseiling in or around Wiltshire?joss_bouncer2380230-Sep-13
How can I get into winter climbing?BradleyWhite1372826-Sep-13
Freelance Insurance?BradleyWhite541720-Sep-13
Guiding with some instruction on Multi Pitch routes skiascent-33020-Sep-13
Climbing buddyblakejacob266420-Sep-13
Getting the most out of each sessiobtomholdenoid336019-Sep-13
Multi Pitch / Scrambling offerskiascent-26118-Sep-13
Rigging a top rope with only dynamic ropedl_wraith1082817-Sep-13
The importance of diverse climbing experiencedl_wraith989916-Sep-13
Guinea Pigs wantedgibbermonkey158713-Sep-13
Need two climbers for tomorrow. skiascent377413-Sep-13
Outdoor experience..jono_nwk91,65112-Sep-13
looking for a third person for a rock guiding dayskiascent-24212-Sep-13
Anyone go to The Mill @ South Molton?devon_roadie217209-Sep-13
Shoe sizing help?CallumKX752706-Sep-13
I rally want to start climbingcheek to the rock452,29606-Sep-13
Equipment listActionSte141,13705-Sep-13
Very minor accident - warningDandelion111,43001-Sep-13
Starting Winter Climbingadamre12861931-Aug-13
CWA, CWLA and SPATomDisomma361,34331-Aug-13
First Time on Real RockSoloist246530-Aug-13
Assembling a climbing rackmoonchip350425-Aug-13
taking a beginner to the climbing wallouttathaway201,01124-Aug-13
noob question - rope diameters/thicknessmoonchip1185523-Aug-13
Sport Climbing near Leedspoigol5043944623-Aug-13
Recommendation for Courses in DorsetMadMermaid324123-Aug-13
Nottingham climbing centre..jono_nwk339820-Aug-13
Proper noob question.iiswoz81,23018-Aug-13
Looking to make the transition from gym to trad? or Scramble?alpinismo.uk364618-Aug-13
First proper multi pitch advice Ahogg16544215-Aug-13
Grip Strength, ouch!libertytoday101,03215-Aug-13
Belaying with joined ropes?jsmcfarland1360014-Aug-13
Eastern Grit v Western Grit grades snapperdan1662113-Aug-13
Portland - noob kit listrotax1232394712-Aug-13
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