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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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bouldering near whitby?streetfighterjeff1559216-Jun-13
Gym training for climbing?climber007101,28314-Jun-13
good bboks to read?streetfighterjeff442713-Jun-13
First trad ropedaftdazza501,97311-Jun-13
top roping at anglezarke chorleyduffy82945909-Jun-13
Troublesome TendonsDemRavens225209-Jun-13
getting my boots on satstreetfighterjeff444607-Jun-13
Free Instruction from MIA trainee in North Walesnawface91,25607-Jun-13
BMC membership, member and individual membership upgrade...?Steve nevers491,20007-Jun-13
How many quick draws do i need for cheeswring quarry cornwall!Finlay.george218906-Jun-13
Sport Climbing beginnersddu321497904-Jun-13
Beginner climbs in Wye ValleyGompertz332802-Jun-13
Crags for kids in North Wales?darvill683637802-Jun-13
Trad Rack CamsAkers251,31302-Jun-13
Heading outdoors - training / lessons, are they necessary?RobbieNClimb546901-Jun-13
Crevasse rescue/prussiking/abseiling location in Snowdoniaralphio444901-Jun-13
Outdoors in Surrey Darcshadow434701-Jun-13
Dowm Jackets wiggi963001-Jun-13
where to go nextsamwise241067101-Jun-13
Places in central Scotland to practice dry/mixed tooling?Zen425931-May-13
Assisted braking belays: can any be used for trad?RobbieNClimb261,47929-May-13
New to Climbing - Aviemore areaed_hill117327-May-13
Building my first trad rackStevenF241,57523-May-13
Abseiling locations in Yorkshire and the Lakes Ahogg16653521-May-13
BIke lights yes or no or head torchAnonymous430321-May-13
Peak District / Pennine WayChrisontour84-20520-May-13
Sheltered beginners crag western peak?Iron Face542218-May-13
We're climbing Kilimanjaro and making a blog about it!!Jelulen1382716-May-13
Ice Axes; self arrest implications of pick & shaft shapes John Doe-Smith442816-May-13
Just got the climbing bug... now what?Helsbels84241,36014-May-13
Outdoor is hard!madyarra202,81314-May-13
Newbie climber looking for climbing partner to gain experienceSlick0707363213-May-13
Top rope solo's using a shunt (again!)cwood2887161,74912-May-13
Aid ClimbingStamford Raffles1266108-May-13
Climbing/ Mountaineering Club Recommendations - Glasgoweltankos540807-May-13
Kids rock shoes questionrug534305-May-13
Turket Trip 22 April 2013 to 30 April 2013DAVID0347111804-May-13
It's just like starting over.... but better. Marmoset-41604-May-13
Bra advice for those climbers with big breasts HELP!!Cragchick424,06103-May-13
climbing wallslukecooper93353401-May-13
Giggleswick south Ahogg161067330-Apr-13
Just been climbingVwJap191,46727-Apr-13
Good workoutsKutzer228626-Apr-13
bolted climbing walls in cornwall?Finlay.george545426-Apr-13
Car Share - Kent/London to ChamonixB7ad224624-Apr-13
Getting started on CWA & SPA qualifications.Steve nevers755122-Apr-13
Views on Scarpa Vantage shoes?RJP251,14921-Apr-13
Finger strength...climber007111,08018-Apr-13
Looking for guest blogger for youth outdoor activity websiteRob Sayers-20317-Apr-13
Need more practice.trinage462016-Apr-13
Starting outPommie574447714-Apr-13
anyone struggled with graceful?flopsicle382,55210-Apr-13
Personal Liability Insurance for climbing - do you have it?tom.dodo1594710-Apr-13
Looking to try real rockBarrySW19665109-Apr-13
sore handsRockAngel971208-Apr-13
struggling to make the leapcjd91155306-Apr-13
New , from Leeds - A bit of experience on sport/tradtom.dodo645103-Apr-13
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