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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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Back country snowboarding advice for an AussieThelongcon430103-Apr-13
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New thrills.bitemarx232629-Mar-13
Why somthink pulling me to mountainsSimoniz161,23426-Mar-13
Please Help With My Survey Question For School.Ffion Blethyn2097125-Mar-13
via ferrata chamonix area recomendationsMFB222524-Mar-13
Novice climber North West keen to get climbing spacecadetjake161,11822-Mar-13
Which is best?Ant Stanley1294321-Mar-13
need a partner LONDONlkhc286235016-Mar-13
British Standard to Tying In/Belaying?Krsnik87141,28215-Mar-13
New an keen to get learningGoateedave81,04508-Mar-13
Easy Multi-pitch climbs in cheddermini247tom1459608-Mar-13
Learning to jam in the Peak?olibear2291,07306-Mar-13
Hi all from DerbyDaveH70339105-Mar-13
Technique Question - Heightclimber007523,05805-Mar-13
Best climbing club for beginnersElena365404-Mar-13
gear4rocks trad gearLantys Tarn341,92802-Mar-13
Am i in the right placeVwJap899302-Mar-13
university mountaineering clubsTimothy Miller171,67701-Mar-13
A few very noob questionsVwJap181,41728-Feb-13
Bouldering safetyUrban boulderer757427-Feb-13
Beginners Trad climbing. gabull221,60626-Feb-13
New Forum User - Congleton and FormbyNew POD875626-Feb-13
Hanging belay - management of half ropesJimboWizbo261,64125-Feb-13
Help! Snowdon / Skills?Percy2012-33223-Feb-13
Sweaty palmsclimber007662123-Feb-13
La Sportiva Katanas Zumoid555219-Feb-13
QMD - Mountain Leader AwardAdCo821297318-Feb-13
Ben lomondCarlos2361056718-Feb-13
So 8wks in to returning to climbing and...flopsicle71,61315-Feb-13
high altitude beginner!G10001497613-Feb-13
climbing buddystucuthbertson0161,17011-Feb-13
abseiling/top ropingshumidrives885808-Feb-13
Mobile Phone in the Mountains112glidezilla131908-Feb-13
sore knucklesSleepy_trucker653707-Feb-13
Rate my rackTaurig251,81707-Feb-13
Next stepsn.LiVE447704-Feb-13
How many quickdraws and which rope?mattfordcoys680430-Jan-13
snow hole tuitionwindjammer1392729-Jan-13
Fort William Mountain Festival Outdoor Capital of the UK-24228-Jan-13
Protecting the environment vs yourself - "ethical" climbingOneLifeOneHeart441,51428-Jan-13
adjusting harness leg loopsSleepy_trucker357928-Jan-13
Twisted my kneeclimber007850525-Jan-13
3 peaks challengeRoryT321,66125-Jan-13
First foray into the Peak Districtrichardsonneo241,17023-Jan-13
climbing course recommendationsalc990-31321-Jan-13
Introductory Leads, Glasgow area?florence58546921-Jan-13
mountaineers in norfolkRoryT-27220-Jan-13
Trad Lead Course - Any Recommendations?robbo99983919-Jan-13
need advice and contactsRoryT465319-Jan-13
Assisting a SPA qualified instructorrustynath376413-Jan-13
Begginer - Finger & Grip StrengthKelloggs77191,74112-Jan-13
4yr olds climbingflopsicle582,89112-Jan-13
winter essentialsblackcat-35811-Jan-13
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