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A forum for asking questions, whether you are deciding to get into climbing or have just started and need something explained. is visited by many experienced climbers, including climbing and mountaineering guides, who will gladly help out. Please check the UKClimbing FAQs before posting.

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Top tips for the mountains221,55124-Nov-12
climbing coaching session lancs this sat139422-Nov-12
Is this where a newb says hi?81,11821-Nov-12
Can you teach climbing? Returning after 15yr break.101,14819-Nov-12
Beginner books455117-Nov-12
Rock climbing holidays358817-Nov-12
In Good Hands-44413-Nov-12
Heading outdoors. What do I need to start sports climbing?221,08213-Nov-12
Climbing with disability - what's my upper limit?191,31213-Nov-12
Need a book to teach me stuff (terminology, how to etc)1167012-Nov-12
breathable wind proof-33309-Nov-12
Scary creaking noise in Harness/Rope...should I be afraid?282,31609-Nov-12
How many quickdraws needed for easy Mallorcan routes??461108-Nov-12
starting out outdoors sport climbing762308-Nov-12
Hi All...141,18802-Nov-12
Coaching advice for a confident VS leader211,24301-Nov-12
Setting gear without climbing121,48701-Nov-12
HELP! Anyone in Leeds?150930-Oct-12
Multi-pitch Technique492,31729-Oct-12
why should you equip each sling with a screwgate463,13529-Oct-12
Next piece / set of trad rack protection to get?341,20826-Oct-12
Abseil Knot372,65526-Oct-12
Scottish mountaineering course150722-Oct-12
Novice climber looking for partner to learn in/near BIRMINGHAM553122-Oct-12
rock climbing feed back584222-Oct-12
Next steps111,22319-Oct-12
Positive feedback wanted for Unconvinced Mrs212,09918-Oct-12
Yet another help -39018-Oct-12
Glacier / snow walking - rope choice-37818-Oct-12
spa trainees-mid week help in the peak370918-Oct-12
High Neb353817-Oct-12
Trad protection on a seawall....81,06416-Oct-12
Novice climber looking for people to learn with - Aberdeen-36416-Oct-12
moving on up451515-Oct-12
Centres with Trublue Self-Belay?263413-Oct-12
Sport climbing etiquette 111,68812-Oct-12
Need advice/tips on clearing the base of a bouldering wall554411-Oct-12
outdoor climbing158711-Oct-12
Novice looking for someone to climb with in Aviemore658411-Oct-12
Climbing in Bastion?302,28010-Oct-12
London based aid climbing "teacher" wanted482209-Oct-12
Bringing up a Second and Third on a Scramble863209-Oct-12
injured elbows and training HELP!655908-Oct-12
Needing advice on starting out!!!785507-Oct-12
top rope climbs North Yorkshire Moors368605-Oct-12
Climbing comp stupid question263602-Oct-12
Is a nutkey just a nutkey ?482,51601-Oct-12
Climbing and mountaineering 61,19130-Sep-12
Complete Amateur in Derbyshire270330-Sep-12
Climbing partner wanted indoor notts/derbyshire146729-Sep-12
That knot's important61,91829-Sep-12
Rigging Rope - Type270128-Sep-12
What do to when you think you might fall indoors212,43727-Sep-12
Question about tying in..91,47427-Sep-12
climbing/mountaineering club258926-Sep-12
Newish user saying hi 1278226-Sep-12
Hi/climbing club north london454423-Sep-12
climbing strength 41,14821-Sep-12
new shoes....HELP..!!!!991721-Sep-12
trad rack71,11520-Sep-12
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