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Interested in visiting a new climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

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pearls before swine977214-Jun-14
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Sport Climbing Germany930911-Jun-14
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Green Cormorant Face, great dawn214511-Jun-14
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Hotel in Interlaken-7010-Jun-14
Bouldering mats on Eurostar326910-Jun-14
Belgium Guidebook723710-Jun-14
Have you climbed in Cyprus West, Cyprus?18110-Jun-14
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Cycling / Canoeing in Europe With Small Kids-6509-Jun-14
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Campsite near Anstey's?725108-Jun-14
Highlands conditions at the moment...744208-Jun-14
Suffolk - Yes the one in the UK1668208-Jun-14
Southern Sandstone - High Rocks - what gear933507-Jun-14
Malta - Where to stay-6707-Jun-14
Camping at Harrison's Rocks.628607-Jun-14
Berneray - anyone been there?113407-Jun-14
Portland this weekend114406-Jun-14
Multipitch Aosta310606-Jun-14
Climbing penon de ifach and surrounding area1450105-Jun-14
Pabbay: The Sound of the Snipe2180305-Jun-14
Fontainebleau - circuits for kids1538605-Jun-14
Weekend abroad scrambling721005-Jun-14
Best VF's Alleifroide - Briancon area725205-Jun-14
Peak by Public Transport?1751005-Jun-14
Majorca Climbing118404-Jun-14
Tower Ridge / Castle Ridge657704-Jun-14
Rope length for Bhasteir Tooth218204-Jun-14
Creagh an Dubh Loch Caingorms316404-Jun-14
UK Sport Climbing 222404-Jun-14
Margalef Accomodation48704-Jun-14
where would you go with 10k to travel on1779104-Jun-14
Which area for lots of quality E1/E2 multi-pitch in Scotland?426904-Jun-14
Anyone been or climbed in Spit in Croatia?624403-Jun-14
San Vito Lo Capo - Sicily416103-Jun-14
Small Gites in Font toddler friendly111303-Jun-14
training, not training240903-Jun-14
Southern Ecrins guidebook, easy sport climbs314903-Jun-14
NEW ARTICLE: DESTINATION GUIDE: Climbing on Bornholm-65402-Jun-14
Portland approach paths329602-Jun-14
Does anyone have the local Tarn guide?-5202-Jun-14
Via Ferrata Open/Closed resource?-15101-Jun-14
Dubh loch 122331-May-14
Bail crab on 'Uncertain Emotions', Tunnel Wall241931-May-14
Hiring Gear in Thailand210931-May-14
Getting to Kaly from The South of France524330-May-14
Iceland volcano season523330-May-14
Crags en route to Ceuse314930-May-14
Have you climbed in Yangshuo, China?19230-May-14
Climbing in Southern Sweden.314430-May-14
Berdorf, how to get there by public??-4330-May-14
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