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Interested in visiting a new climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

Binnie Crag Bolts3270
Accomadation on Lewis5196
Morocco Trip8301
Group location - Buxton3148
Outer Hebrides4420
Camping in Froggatt4274
Climbing in Croatia6287
Anyone done Orla Perć in the Tatra's?2111
where to stop on way to chamonix12481
Group occupancy of a gite (Chamonix area)2199
Big HS-HVS Routes in North Wales18597
French gte with sole occupancy?2257
The best way to do the Dolimites4285
New Clwyd limestone Rockfax guide?2161
pearls before swine9776
Bramcrag Quarry St Johns4198
raven crag, threshwaite cove2229
Gronk - P1 - Crux - Don't read if you don't want beta2220
California climbing10479
Sport Climbing Germany9315
Skye advice18427
Green Cormorant Face, great dawn2150
Recommend me camping near Watergate Bay-57
Cloggy conditions2207
Hotel in Interlaken-77
Bouldering mats on Eurostar3272
Belgium Guidebook7243
Have you climbed in Cyprus West, Cyprus?184
Llanberis conditions Now6268
Cycling / Canoeing in Europe With Small Kids-69
How tidal is Church Rock at Broad Haven?6171
Campsite near Anstey's?7255
Highlands conditions at the moment...7448
Suffolk - Yes the one in the UK16686
Southern Sandstone - High Rocks - what gear9340
Malta - Where to stay-75
Camping at Harrison's Rocks.6291
Berneray - anyone been there?1138
Portland this weekend1148
Multipitch Aosta3110
Climbing penon de ifach and surrounding area14510
Pabbay: The Sound of the Snipe21808
Fontainebleau - circuits for kids15392
Weekend abroad scrambling7214
Best VF's Alleifroide - Briancon area7258
Peak by Public Transport?17516
Majorca Climbing1187
Tower Ridge / Castle Ridge6582
Rope length for Bhasteir Tooth2187
Creagh an Dubh Loch Caingorms3168
UK Sport Climbing 2228
Margalef Accomodation492
where would you go with 10k to travel on17797
Which area for lots of quality E1/E2 multi-pitch in Scotland?4274
Anyone been or climbed in Spit in Croatia?6248
San Vito Lo Capo - Sicily4173
Small Gites in Font toddler friendly1118
training, not training2414
Southern Ecrins guidebook, easy sport climbs3154

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