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Interested in visiting a new climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

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Oslo to Rjukan by bus316120-May-14
North Wales Campsite935920-May-14
Moving: Sheffield vs Leeds area119320-May-14
Getting to Val De Mello by public transport310520-May-14
Can you recommend some cheap accomodation near Swanage29120-May-14
Isle of Mull161,24820-May-14
Good crags in Peak for kids?1029520-May-14
Climbing Destination at Christmas737219-May-14
Cool Heat, Shorn Cliff118819-May-14
Doxey's pool conditions-13919-May-14
Font from Dieppe - The bridge at Rouen 414019-May-14
France West Coast1746619-May-14
Decent Shunt Crags Near Bristol?739118-May-14
Shelterstone dry?1794618-May-14
Re climbing in El Chorro in June332517-May-14
Foggintor Quarry, Devon. Any recent route info?-8717-May-14
Bohuslan Sweden guidebook19116-May-14
Lofoten, Norway1469516-May-14
European (non-uk) trip reports and practical at
Looking for forums for area of Andalusia or just El Chorro-7716-May-14
El Chorro: Looking for climbing partner (June 17-23)-7616-May-14
Tower Ridge Equipment435216-May-14
wintours leap help520415-May-14
Shipwreck Cove Conditions-7215-May-14
Peak campsite near climbing that allows campfires?224915-May-14
A day of adventure near Dublin835215-May-14
Croatia: Brac and Hvar islands111115-May-14
Dordogne in August515615-May-14
Easier crags in Portland?722215-May-14
Lake District429515-May-14
Cheap camping in the Lakes?318315-May-14
Triglav Slovenska Smer topo211014-May-14
Chamonix / Les Houches in May on my own539114-May-14
Paklenica, Croatia624314-May-14
Rodellar 2014 Benga !! (5-28 sep - flexible)-7714-May-14
Tell me everything I need to know about Finale Lugure1057014-May-14
Campsites near Cinque Torri, Dolomites?213013-May-14
Kota Kinabalu area, Malaysia2753413-May-14
Tarragona/Lleida in May412412-May-14
Leicestershire Climbing3872612-May-14
Driving to Flantanger, Norway1449812-May-14
Good first 7a in San Vito?421912-May-14
Any decent climbers digs/hostels in Aviemore?322312-May-14
Tower ridge conditions336911-May-14
Hike from Platoon (School, Kalymnos)-9611-May-14
La Rochelle... 416611-May-14
Petal roc trip 2014113611-May-14
Arco, Italy climbing 426311-May-14
Group Venue - Lake District113511-May-14
Six months in a van... where to go? 868411-May-14
El Chorro - Camino Del Rey Soon to Close!!!!!!303,48711-May-14
climbing near ontario toronto28411-May-14
pavey ark east wall229110-May-14
marmolada place to stay-7810-May-14
Canada Climbing311409-May-14
Los Mallos de Riglos - June temperatures816009-May-14
Olive Branch El Chorro - is it busy and easy to find a partner?122409-May-14
Aventador & Garmin-7009-May-14
Alcalali Parking432309-May-14
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