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Rock climbing destinations Q&As. Interested in visiting a new rock climbing area? Having difficulties finding information? You are almost guaranteed that someone here will have been and can give you some pointers. It might be sun rock in Sardinia or sport routes in Switzerland. Where to stay, when to go, what routes to do.

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Kalymnos 10th -17th May111727-Mar-14
Via ferrata in Maurienne212527-Mar-14
Fuerteventura - is there any climbing on the island?329027-Mar-14
ORANGE HOUSE April 11th-18th, looking for other climbers1057127-Mar-14
Borrowdale Road225327-Mar-14
Dewerstone conditions718927-Mar-14
Using Greek SIM card-5527-Mar-14
mountaineering trip in the southern french alps 1159927-Mar-14
Climbing in Czesky Raj, Czech Republic421227-Mar-14
Aviemore accommodation315926-Mar-14
Yat conditions29126-Mar-14
When are this years range west briefings?1028226-Mar-14
Verdon - Dalles Grises abseil lengths531726-Mar-14
Climbing shops in the south of France316225-Mar-14
Llangattock, national importance or grotty quarry??281,14025-Mar-14
Rope length for Riglos - Los Bicepts939125-Mar-14
Early summer in the Cuillins-6925-Mar-14
Condition of Pembrokeshire Climbs?518224-Mar-14
American Rock – Region, Rock, and Culture 1049724-Mar-14
Calpe and the Costa Blanca730024-Mar-14
How soon do I need to book a CalMac ferry?1869024-Mar-14
Looking for a good venue to visit by public transport:211224-Mar-14
Camp-site recommendations in Côte d'Azur .28924-Mar-14
Les Calanques - general advice1964024-Mar-14
10 day UK tour1652123-Mar-14
Sport Climbing Peru733023-Mar-14
where do you go to look for a cheap rock getaway?113923-Mar-14
Route selection for the Welsh Alps320323-Mar-14
riglos details- help515322-Mar-14
Safe areas on Portland?947122-Mar-14
Alicante / Murcia car hire warning171,02122-Mar-14
Camping in the Lake District937421-Mar-14
Hire cars in Spain seem to be unbelievably cheap1662121-Mar-14
Bowles Rocks1422521-Mar-14
Devon- recommended routes please S - HVS. 736520-Mar-14
Detailed maps of Andalucia1019520-Mar-14
Looking for Brit climbers living in Murcia or nearby418519-Mar-14
Where to climb if I'm not from the U.K. ?1449219-Mar-14
Is Cheddar going to be like climbing in a fridge tomorrow?545719-Mar-14
Ogwen easy 'mountaineering' routes2378019-Mar-14
Finding partners in Chamonix-7619-Mar-14
Manila Philippines 18819-Mar-14
Climbed at Dovestones Edge?1151418-Mar-14
Anyone going to Corsica soon?430418-Mar-14
Valentines Day El Chorro114918-Mar-14
Dolomites Bouldering Locations? 211818-Mar-14
Climbing in morocco (modest clothing for women) 161,09217-Mar-14
Boulder Ruckle rock fall639917-Mar-14
Cheers but I'll walk the next bit!91,32917-Mar-14
Ansteys Cove214416-Mar-14
North spain guide book reccomendations please818816-Mar-14
Accomm near Kos airport315014-Mar-14
Torbryan conditions?417814-Mar-14
Cheapest campsite in peak/ hope area.324914-Mar-14
Tafraoute without a car225513-Mar-14
Which guidebook for Finale?412113-Mar-14
Kalymnos Accommodation221413-Mar-14
free camping in Font-14513-Mar-14
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