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The forum used by UKC Staff for News Items, Articles and to make general announcements. Only UKC Staff can start a thread in this forum although all registered users can reply. This forum is heavily moderated and, although we welcome discussion, please make it positive and on the topic of the threads. These forum messages are embedded in to our News and Articles pages, integrating the forum comments in to the actual editorial parts of the site. Consequently this isn't the place for the "This isn't news", or "I bet it's not really E9", comments. Please keep those to ROCKTALK or one of the other forums.
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Outside La Sportiva Weekend running
Himalayan Trust UK Annual Lecture - Leo HouldingMcGus-11912-Apr-14
23rd April - Jerry Gore: Wall of Paine Tue
Garment Technologist for RabEquipUK-8913:01 Mon
King Kong Climbing CentreKing Kong Climbing Walls190930-Mar-14
OI NEWS: PODSACS - Looking for ClimbersUKC Gear133611:57 Thu
NEWS: Rare Lichen, E9, for Nathan Lee & Oli GrounsellUKC News91,12510:14 Thu
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Ben Bransby on Baron Greenback, E9, 2nd AscentUKC News373,06609:40 Thu
NEW ARTICLE: INTERVIEW: Alex Honnold on the Fitzroy TraverseUKC Articles469608:12 Thu
NEWS: New Newsletter for UKC & UKHUKC News-6509:06 Wed
NEWS: Multiple 8B Boulders in Font and Albarracin for Ned FeehallyUKC News354508:32 Wed
NEW ARTICLE: Injury Management and Prevention: Junior ClimbersUKC Articles762716:40 Tue
OI NEWS: Nikwax Scores a Hat Trick: 3 awards in as many monthsUKC Gear-6111:00 Tue
NEWS: Ed Hamer Takes First Place at Kendal Wall CompetitionUKC News-13807:19 Tue
VIDEO: Alex Megos Crushing in Ticino - 2014UKC Videos-17510:03 Mon
NEW ARTICLE: Win a Millet Rucksack with Adventure PeaksUKC Articles-10010:00 Mon
NEWS: The Story of two worlds and Big Kat by HojerUKC News-13107:00 Sun
Top 40 PostersUKC Forums151,17301:40 Sun
NEWS: FRIDAY NIGHT VID: Stone Kingdom Ep. 4UKC News161,58912-Apr-14
NEWS: New Plans For Staden QuarryUKC News542,09112-Apr-14
NEWS: Jimmy Webb climbs The Understanding, 8CUKC News295111-Apr-14
VIDEO: Stone Kingdom Episode 4: Mina on UnfamiliarUKC Videos-6211-Apr-14
NEWS: INTERVIEW: Pete Whittaker Climbs Baron Greenback DirectUKC News794011-Apr-14
NEWS: Shauna Coxsey Climbs 2nd 8BUKC News141,48411-Apr-14
NEWS: Change Afoot at Cairngorm MountainUKC News151,58510-Apr-14
Moderator AmnestyAlan James - UKC and UKH30611,50610-Apr-14
NEWS: Kawaki no umi, new ~8B+/C by Dai KoyamadaUKC News232709-Apr-14
NEW ARTICLE: Destination Guide: Chulilla, SpainUKC Articles61,27109-Apr-14
OI NEWS: Bridgedale supports Lake's Mountain Rescue teamsUKC Gear-2809-Apr-14
VIDEO: Rok Klancnik Repeats Bugeleisen - 8B+/CUKC Videos-10009-Apr-14
NEWS: Hard Boulders in Font & Ireland for Dan VarianUKC News163608-Apr-14
NEW ARTICLE: Competition: Win a Marmot Artemis or Adroit JacketUKC Articles-42407-Apr-14
OI NEWS: Hot Rock climbing Expeditions is back!UKC Gear-11007-Apr-14
NEW ARTICLE: Get Ready for Summer: Climb Harder Without TrainingUKC Articles161,80206-Apr-14
NEWS: GB Bouldering Team Loses £8000 - You Can HelpUKC News614,79206-Apr-14
NEWS: NEWSFLASH: Hazel Findlay Climbs 8c with Fish EyeUKC News91,69906-Apr-14
NEWS: FRi NIGHT VID: Dani Arnold Speed Solos Crack Baby (WI6)UKC News101,17106-Apr-14
NEWS: Alpine Ascent of the Season for Luka Lindic and Luka KrajncUKC News277505-Apr-14
VIDEO: Greenland Expedition TrainingUKC Videos118804-Apr-14
NEWS/VIDEO: Niky Ceria Cruises the 8B+ Off the WagonUKC News339804-Apr-14
NEWS: Ethan Walker Climbs Keen Roof, 8B, Raven TorUKC News136104-Apr-14
NEWS: VIDEO: Jacopo Larcher climbs Prinzip Hoffnung, 8b/+ E9/10UKC News-13304-Apr-14
OI NEWS: Wideboyz II European Tour (inc. London, Manchester & ManchesUKC Gear-9504-Apr-14
JOBS: New Jobs this weekUKC Gear-14704-Apr-14
NEWS: Mallorca Access Problems for Walkers and ClimbersUKC News654,08403-Apr-14
NEWS: Night Stalker HXS/E8 gets 2nd & 3rd AscentsUKC News595003-Apr-14
NEWS: GB Bouldering Team Crowd Funding - HUGE SUCCESSUKC News138603-Apr-14
NEW ARTICLE: Injury Management and Prevention: FingersUKC Articles121,46703-Apr-14
OI NEWS: Chamonix Mountain Festival - 29 June to 6 July 2014UKC Gear-3003-Apr-14
NEWS: NEWSFLASH: Whittaker Climbs Baron Greenback Direct Start - E10?UKC News152,76903-Apr-14
NEWS: CAC To Be Official Charity Of IFSCUKC News-9703-Apr-14
VIDEO: 'Wide Boyz II - Slender Gentleman' - Official TrailerUKC Videos-20402-Apr-14
NEWS: Pinet and Pouvreau on form in SpainUKC News-6402-Apr-14
VIDEO: Patience: Going Bouldering in North WalesUKC Videos-11802-Apr-14
NEWS: Strength of Gravity Officially in DeclineUKC News333,03801-Apr-14
NEWS: Alex Megos Climbs Hard UK Sport; 8c & MoreUKC News112,47301-Apr-14
OI NEWS: Alpkit Logo Set to Appear on TV NetworksUKC Gear450901-Apr-14
NEWS: 8b & 8a+ FA's for Robins on Little OrmeUKC News234601-Apr-14
NEW ARTICLE: Competition - Win a Rab Atmos Jacket with Joe Brown ShopsUKC Articles-45031-Mar-14
NEWS: Piolets d'Or 2014 - Winners AnnouncedUKC News-22031-Mar-14
NEWS: FRIDAY NIGHT VID: Houlding & Emmett vs ClarksonUKC News51,58330-Mar-14
NEWS: Tierra Boulder Battle 2014UKC News-12030-Mar-14
VIDEO: Audi RS4 vs Leo Houlding & Tim EmmettUKC Videos-15428-Mar-14
OI NEWS: Give up PFCs for lent says NikwaxUKC Gear-8728-Mar-14
NEWS: WARNING: Dangerous Bolts on Welsh SlateUKC News796127-Mar-14
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