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The place to discuss your latest boulder problem, your next trip to Font, or which grading system should we use anyway. As long as it doesn't involve a rope, then this is the place to talk about it.
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Day out at Glen Tanar (Deeside) 13th September-30814-Aug-14
Expedition Hot Rock Trip 2 announced!-1,38208-Jul-14
Climb Toubkal - 495 inc all accom and meals!-29517-Aug-14
EpicTV is looking for a French Climbing Researche-8215:53 Thu
Bristol Inclusive Climbing Festival 28 & 29 Aug-28213-Aug-14
Beta for Blackwall traverse low at Salisbury crags17019:28 Fri
Which bouldering mat?211616:51 Fri
Ethics of finishing a route2296712:05 Thu
5 + 6 Fontainebleau guidebook for sale?19021:06 Wed
Better with encouragement-13711:07 Tue
Fair Head Bouldering Topos help needed311920:45 Mon
UKC Logbook - Type of ascent530616-Aug-14
Vet in Fontainebleau? 845213-Aug-14
Essex Training Wall215713-Aug-14
Shoe size for bouldering 648512-Aug-14
Fontainbleu mat rental210912-Aug-14
Bouldering far North West (Cape Wrath, Durness)-5111-Aug-14
RAC boulders628311-Aug-14
Dry bouldering venue north east today Sunday 10/8/14 ???19110-Aug-14
'Ownership' of boulder projects...283,00310-Aug-14
popping knee432808-Aug-14
Grading tips1072008-Aug-14
Best alternative to North Wales Bouldering guide?328704-Aug-14
Bishop CA 29/08-12/0918503-Aug-14
return from injury634731-Jul-14
Northern Vosges37831-Jul-14
Jamming bouldering446930-Jul-14
Haresfield Beacon. Where is Gandalfs crag?29529-Jul-14
Chalk use at Fontainebleau1295128-Jul-14
Bouldering around Manhester424727-Jul-14
Thirlmere Boulders324227-Jul-14
Bouldering on holidays 23th-25th August-7524-Jul-14
Fontainebleaue guide book1232123-Jul-14
Edinburgh Climbing Walls940621-Jul-14
bouldering bristol area1549821-Jul-14
Bouldering mat-12721-Jul-14
Rubicon conditions218221-Jul-14
Font campsite / Bunkhouse-7319-Jul-14
New UK Bouldering Film: Escaping Norfolk526218-Jul-14
Two from Peak Lime (Bouldering Video)-10317-Jul-14
Bulging wall little orme-10416-Jul-14
Peak/Yorkshire bouldering on a damp day214515-Jul-14
Boulder, Colorado429515-Jul-14
stanage roof project148614-Jul-14
Looking for bouldering spots233914-Jul-14
Anston Stones woods-11912-Jul-14
bouldering at HK111309-Jul-14
Half day hungover bouldering near Cannes/Nice111004-Jul-14
Harland Edge842103-Jul-14
Limekilns, Scotland - Gellet Block Traverses-12003-Jul-14
Roof of baby buddha334502-Jul-14
Well done Shauna599201-Jul-14
House with built in bouldering.-32930-Jun-14
Can Boquet near Barcelona18230-Jun-14
Open Projects -21229-Jun-14
Anywhere to DWS, buildering or rock climbing in Corfu-6029-Jun-14
Look me up a grade in the new Peak Bouldering Guide230026-Jun-14
What Mat?!541325-Jun-14
Building a bouldering wall125721-Jun-14
Synthetic Brushes426620-Jun-14
Comps, world cups, why aren't we hosting a round?119120-Jun-14
How hot was it today?!130418-Jun-14
bouldering uk?231818-Jun-14
Wet font101,20218-Jun-14
Recommended bouldering near Derby521217-Jun-14
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