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Topic - Parents and climbing

fishy1 - on 07 Nov 2009
Hey all

I have a very close mate, who's 17, been climbing a couple of years. Thing is, his parents are pretty strict with him, quite overprotective, about the whole climbing thing. They think danger and he'll die.

He goes out on routes, both winter and summer, lying to them that he's just going for a walk or whatever. Telling them he'd like to go out climbing does not work, they just ban him.

He can't go against them, as then they will remove him from their house. They recently relented and now he's allowed to go to the local indoor wall. But outdoors is a no-no, completely. Scrambling is kind of tolerated, as he sells it to them as hillwalking. But him bringing ropes or gear is a no no.

We'd like to go off to cham next summer, if he tells his parents this, they'll stop his uni funding and, because his parents earn a bit of money (so he doesn't get bursarys), he'll have very little money.

Ideas? Reasoning with his parents has not worked with him so far. His parents weren't happy with him going climbing indoors, as they saw it as one step closer to going to climbing outside, and an inevitable death.

His parents say that to go rock climbing outside, he could only go outside with someone who had all the relevant SPA and WML and other such awards, i.e a guide. He has little money and is relucant to spend a day with a guide, costing about the same as his entire rack, just to go over basics that he knows already and still not be allowed out.

Ideas/experiences greatly appreciated.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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