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Topic - Best flight compare website + sub thread!

Dominicandave on 31 Mar 2012
I've spoken to several agents over the past week, using the virtual chat thing they all have now, and every day I've been online with them I am able to trump their own search results with lower prices than they are able to find, for their own company they are working for. I expect the owners would have a fit if they realised they were employing so many people that are literally useless if the client can help themselves better than the customer service can help, but that is besides the point.

Where have you had real help, which company actually goes out of their way to hunt down the cheapest options if flexible, or even if not flexible?

And on a sub thread, how does someone go about owning and advertising a service of what I'm describing. I have no idea how websites earn money but I presume it is through advertising? But should someone want to runa small sideline solutions website, what would he need to do and is it costly? Say you want to offer a service that will find the best prices available for flights, not exactly an holiday agent but kind of similar, maybe a 'pay me half the cost of whatever I can save you on your best quote', it wouldn't make me rich, but since I spend so much time and am usually able to find weird transfers that can cut costs considerably if you don't mind a couple of transfers and are a little flexible, kind of thing. Who does the owner of a website pay money to, and how is how much you would pay be worked out etc?
Like I said, just an idea for a little extra income, but maybe it couldn't be financially possible depending how websites are charged, or maybe it's just a stupid idea.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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