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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.
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Backpack Designer293409:27 Fri
Designer/Developer-20512:29 Fri
Ed Drummond Parkinson and cancer fund172,72825-Aug-14
Brit Rock World Premiere 2nd Oct, Rheged-18010:16 Thu
Summer Clearance at Crag X-98519-Aug-14
Nice Restaurant near Keswick828819:32 Mon
Electric shock car alarm210118:47 Mon
Russia invades Europe1262,56918:40 Mon
Transfer deadline day 1224318:29 Mon
Migrants: something nice to report!1863818:09 Mon
Kids to learn programming from day 14363717:54 Mon
Showing a Route on an image of a map 924516:40 Mon
Rotherham1602,79615:54 Mon
Captain Rooney2357014:18 Mon
Saving directions on a tablet827311:21 Mon
Coping with nerves, different situations.1347110:31 Mon
As an employer, I would like...the moon on stick, please411,62406:17 Mon
Update - PET Scan1356622:52 Sun
The Curry Mile581,13322:04 Sun
Debts and Death232318:41 Sun
Smoking562,10115:59 Sun
Salmond vs Darling - the worst of british politics on display?1192,33510:19 Sun
Missing symbols on UKC in firefox29222:42 Sat
Help - malware problem1829119:24 Sat
Hamas and the IDF: A Satire2613,43112:04 Sat
Tone dialer for Landline phones with pause option926311:38 Sat
Badger wars826819:15 Fri
Sky Burials - Environmentally Good?4389314:24 Fri
Sea kayaking2062412:36 Fri
Ebay fees?939311:34 Fri
Window Mail(Windows 8.1)916211:17 Fri
in AD100,002,014....4482511:12 Fri
USA and guns (again)421,44101:46 Fri
looking for a kilt620620:34 Thu
Experiences with BT...1952218:21 Thu
Forgetting122214:12 Thu
Ever tried waveboarding? (skateboard that rides like snowboard)729513:53 Thu
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)111212:20 Thu
Driving advice please421,08812:02 Thu
overpaid by previous employer231,22011:48 Thu
Bumping rear of car: other driver at fault. Law?261,15209:12 Thu
RBS Shambles - an opportunity?830308:57 Thu
Syria1434908:54 Thu
Regexr help512327-Aug-14
Best UK forum for surfing?18127-Aug-14
de restricting and loss of power638927-Aug-14
Video of pup chewing on boxer's ear?216827-Aug-14
helping a mate344327-Aug-14
Russia Invades Ukraine422426-Aug-14
Gaza ceasefire celebrated by gunfire716926-Aug-14
Another electrical question, ring mains and spurs this time!2438426-Aug-14
Unvented cylinder noise215426-Aug-14
what stuff do we commonly import from Israel ?1552,90426-Aug-14
RIP Richard Attenborough945126-Aug-14
Converting transparencies to digital417726-Aug-14
Learner driver supervision733726-Aug-14
K2 just got easier to climb773025-Aug-14
Why Are Students Part of Our Immigration Figures??2343825-Aug-14
Windows Mail Not Working612725-Aug-14
Interesting news story:-16625-Aug-14
Murder of James Foley4493225-Aug-14
Passat drivers - ccm338924-Aug-14
check these guys out!235324-Aug-14
Van for towing a boat ?926924-Aug-14
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