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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.
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Crag X Clearance Sale268719:16 Thu
Job Vacancy: Beacon Climbing Centre: Cafe Manager-26912-Sep-14
2015 Scottish Winter Courses - Book Now!-4409:51 Fri
Assistant Product Manager - Camping (Technical)-84501-Sep-14
BMC Club Autumn Lectures and Masterclass series-33908-Sep-14
Repeat Parrots23912:58 Sat
No winners in independence vote1542,97812:45 Sat
learning welding ?1941512:12 Sat
Salmond Resigns441,23310:32 Sat
After the party ...1753009:03 Sat
Journalists banned from Salmond's press conference335008:22 Sat
Forced to leave the UK and re enter in 3 month271,20508:10 Sat
So it's No to independence1943,27006:44 Sat
Yes or No - nail your predictions to the mast2054,07400:28 Sat
Why did you vote yes/ no ?728220:40 Fri
Any robocopy enthusiasts out there?423820:15 Fri
free publisher?19718:44 Fri
"Storms" dahn sahth541518:04 Fri
It's all starting to irritate451,77817:21 Fri
Future of Cameron and Salmond2339716:21 Fri
Dilemma - advice please 2683015:10 Fri
Ukippers and Scotland (and the UK)1130613:53 Fri
Thanks from a no voter to the yes voters!234212:46 Fri
Thanks1652112:10 Fri
TMB Maps14911:39 Fri
The result and my 10436111:24 Fri
Why Does UK Want To Hold On To Scotland?321,37108:15 Fri
Eddie Longshanks kicking Wallace's arse all over again221505:47 Fri
Vote Yes, Get Doncaster2374123:07 Thu
Premptive strike216322:52 Thu
Food contaminants in low fat products310522:45 Thu
Indy ref exit poll3185722:36 Thu
Dave MacLeod: Yes to Scottish independence57510,61222:12 Thu
Recharging Tablet/Smartphone in the Hills2866120:56 Thu
First Day...729520:35 Thu
Independance Thread Juxto-6420:30 Thu
SQL Again1430519:43 Thu
Arrested for kissing her husband. In the US!221,06717:58 Thu
White wine - convert me.441,17717:45 Thu
Bergamo (Italy) info 48416:46 Thu
Twitter trendsmap for independence referendum319316:40 Thu
camping in citroen berlingo multispace213916:16 Thu
Do you believe No = DevoMax851,46115:49 Thu
Captain America's Wheels19014:06 Thu
Outdoor Skills Academy224113:53 Thu
Ukrainian Nazis now beheading Novorossiyan anti-Nazis982,31913:18 Thu
Classical musics at wedding ceremony3077913:07 Thu
In the event of a "NO" vote1769211:44 Thu
Lady Alba - Bad Romance (voting no)213811:35 Thu
Tomorrow114109:48 Thu
Humble Bundle - Unwanted Steam Key-9109:08 Thu
Guns/bear protection752,16606:14 Thu
Facial Hair and Passports1457122:22 Wed
Obtaining a Map for an illustrated talk1839921:07 Wed
Which type of electric sander do I need?824219:43 Wed
Good website/book for sauces/recipes?511115:30 Wed
Nick Robinson and the BBC1723,68310:59 Wed
Views on Scottish Independence, no debate, just views.642,35509:23 Wed
A week off, a van, where to go?842322:38 Tue
English Independence Now!!2788622:25 Tue
Which MTA qual is the 'hardest'?656119:48 Tue
Do the Tories actually want Scottish Independence?841,42117:26 Tue
Help: Captions "detaching" in Word510616:41 Tue
Decapitating an ice axe.1852316:12 Tue
Decent campsite in Peak District 117015:24 Tue
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