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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.
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Aren't Wills, Kate, and George terrific? :-)Tim Chappell461,17800:12 Fri
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Insurance, capitalism and moralityJon Stewart1191,17120:44 Thu
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Is Coel a terrorist? He is in SaudiDuncan Bourne341,40619:45 Thu
Outdoor industry career advicealimckay19219:40 Thu
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SD Card/Camera problems - anyone able to advise?peebles boy1515817:34 Thu
Impartial nutritional adviceTall Clare691,46714:53 Thu
Relevant to UKC todayGordon Stainforth750211:10 Thu
Google doodle todayHakanT1025609:49 Thu
British superheroswilkie14c3490006:41 Thu
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Expensive Download - Had to Laugh...Submit to Gravity1689214:05 Wed
Hospitals and Smokingmypyrex1281,48708:14 Wed
what is 'natural'ow arm2694507:53 Wed
MacBook performance threadLurking Dave1245702:31 Wed
Icebreaker advertcaptain paranoia230323:50 Tue
Lymphomamypyrex251422:02 Tue
any jobs with one month on, one month off rotation?Hans302,27821:22 Tue
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Deadly nutsTheDrunkenBakers321,74617:24 Tue
job huntingChesher cat643615-Apr-14
All you CAD Designers out there!stewyclimb1434815-Apr-14
last Piece of Sussex/Kent weekendChoss-7215-Apr-14
Climbers - would you do this?climber666241,67515-Apr-14
FileMaker Pro & databasesben b1420315-Apr-14
Stimulants - caffeine, nicotineow arm3397715-Apr-14
Eat Right For Your Blood TypeUppers3683114-Apr-14
UK - benefits/immigration data matching?Morgan Woods1021514-Apr-14
Downgrading iPhone software advice pleasepuppythedog1348414-Apr-14
Liverpool v Citeh (spoiler)Submit to Gravity635114-Apr-14
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Places to get tested for heart rate, hr thresholdsRoberttaylor110314-Apr-14
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Breaking Silence - In Praise of NHSmypyrex2499413-Apr-14
Why I hate the welfare state andreas471,81013-Apr-14
San Francisco car rental1poundSOCKS2422213-Apr-14
any vets in the house? afshapes1665412-Apr-14
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