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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.
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Bristol Inclusive Climbing Festival 28 & 29 Aug-25513-Aug-14
Tickets for the European Outdoor Film Tour 2014-19814-Aug-14
Mum won't worry about my neck any more399515:38 Tue
Climb Mount Edith Cavell, Canada!-47106-Aug-14
Backpack Designer127308:04 Thu
New England in winter819823:06 Thu
When are damsons ready?1117723:06 Thu
what stuff do we commonly import from Israel ?591,23922:47 Thu
Road Problems Hotting up for the Bank Holiday.619422:46 Thu
Penrith. What's it like to live in?2873522:22 Thu
Stripping/dipping softwood doors1324121:34 Thu
Laying lino1624121:28 Thu
I feel sorry for young people these days1553,86620:30 Thu
Hamas and the IDF: A Satire1111,54919:45 Thu
Cold water swimming - feel strange after?451,21519:06 Thu
Home DVD Playback-2617:52 Thu
Another Beheading371,23516:15 Thu
Golfer's elbow / tendonitis18015:23 Thu
More employment advise.1998313:36 Thu
equest a refund off Talk Talk. Switching Utility provider.216011:22 Thu
Tough Mudder training1446011:07 Thu
Places to stay in Durham1120010:35 Thu
How long to allow for airport connection.1740309:15 Thu
Disk Not Erasing29109:00 Thu
Looking for a Room in Sheffield S7,8,11213820:16 Wed
O.S. Getamap2363818:35 Wed
Leasing a mid sized car531,05417:14 Wed
car help - why does my brake calliper wobble?614316:16 Wed
True Conspiracy Theories661,70016:13 Wed
Know your step down transformers?928415:33 Wed
Winding up727614:13 Wed
Cold sweats?1336114:12 Wed
Where's did Mountain Spirit go?465213:50 Wed
Drinking Fishes2162612:44 Wed
Groping is good355610:02 Wed
Tree Surgeon Sheffield/Dronfield Area37610:02 Wed
Cuillin ridge solo in a green bikini?111,14321:53 Tue
moral dilemma742918:28 Tue
Any firepeople in the house?534513:54 Tue
Letting (Stuff) Go191,36213:54 Tue
Hotel for climbers?549313:00 Tue
Humax PVR - longshot qu. re aspect ratio switching1432812:40 Tue
V Fest 2014 - favourite artist?17922:23 Mon
MH17 shot down by fighter jets not BUK missile?6018,52420:23 Mon
War crimes, what are they?3992816:09 Mon
FATCA2145015:12 Mon
Finding a book - Best Methods1232310:06 Mon
Is 200.000 miles still worth a punt on older Audi cars?1380508:20 Mon
How painful is a jellyfish (found in UK waters) sting?3096304:22 Mon
Getting to Milan1125417:24 Sun
Insulating kitchen floor1026208:59 Sun
One for the mechanics/ electrical engineers1229916-Aug-14
How important is this 100th birthday?1653616-Aug-14
Steeplechaser Disqualified1165716-Aug-14
Any Environmental Scientists here?938516-Aug-14
Scottish currency4075,18615-Aug-14
Going to Font- travel insurance vs E111 card (EHIC)415615-Aug-14
Long may you run223115-Aug-14
Tiled Floor Problem741915-Aug-14
Russian Armoured Vehicles cross Ukraine Border1855715-Aug-14
Best place to flog textbooks?513915-Aug-14
English Views on Scottish Independence?1132,36915-Aug-14
ISIS fight - what's the conspiracy?561,44615-Aug-14
And the killing keeps on going....2874,29715-Aug-14
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